Occupational therapy consultant contract — what your hospital should expect

November 6, 2019

By helping patients who have suffered from debilitating injuries or conditions regain the functioning necessary to engage in the activities of daily life, occupational therapy is a key step in the recovery process. And since it is typically a long and difficult process, the sooner it can begin, the better. 

Hospitals looking to deliver the level of service that patients need are increasingly turning to occupational therapy consultants who work on a contract basis. This is especially true of smaller and remotely located facilities, including critical access hospitals in rural areas. To ensure that a quality occupational therapy program is administered on a cost-effective basis, a therapy service consultant can make individualized recommendations that are right-sized to the unique needs of your facility. 

To help you better understand what to expect when you sign an occupational therapy consultant contract, we’re providing the following guide. 

How an occupational therapy consultant can help your hospital

Whether you’re starting your program from scratch or looking to improve an existing one, an occupational therapy consultant can provide insight in the following areas: 

  • Compliance and billing — From documenting services properly to obeying safety regulations, a contract consultant can help you navigate the unique requirements of this field. 
  • Systems of work — Delivering exceptional occupational therapy while staying within tight budgetary guidelines requires efficiency. The right consultant can recommend the workflow solutions to help keep your program streamlined. 
  • Recruiting and hiring — A contract occupational therapy consultant can help hospital executives recruit the highly specialized and often hard-to-find talent needed to deliver this service.

An easy-to-overlook quality that you should also expect from an occupational therapy consultant contract is rapport. Look for an organization that you think your hospital can build a productive partnership with. 

Discover the difference with Alliance

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we specialize in contract therapy services, including occupational therapy. We’ve been in this industry for more than five decades and understand the importance of making individualized recommendations because we know that every hospital is different. Our deeply experienced consultants will be happy to evaluate your current or planned program and make recommendations based on the unique needs of your facility. Want to learn more? Contact our dedicated team today.