Physical Therapy Contracted Services

Hospitals are under more pressure than ever — to deliver excellent patient care, treat a growing and aging population and deal with emerging health trends and technologies, just to name a few. And often, this all must be accomplished with less resources year to year.

Many small- to medium-sized hospitals struggle to strike this balance between delivering the level of care patients deserve and achieving the operational efficiency needed to thrive. Hospital executives and administrators have to make difficult decisions in deciding what services are essential and which may need to be adjusted.  

One area that too often takes the brunt of budgetary constraints is a hospital’s ability to deliver physical therapy and rehabilitation services. While physical therapy is a critical part of the recovery process for many patients dealing with disease, injury or who have just undergone surgery, it is generally not seen as a first-line treatment for hospitals. The decision is often made to have physicians, nurses and other staff members perform the most basic rehabilitation services and then refer patients to an off-site physical therapy provider.

However, physical therapy and rehabilitation performed on-site at a hospital provides many advantages for both patients and hospital staff that should not be ignored. The good news for hospitals unable to overcome the operational challenges required of running an internal physical therapy and rehabilitation is that a solution exists in the form of physical therapy contracted services provided by a dedicated and focused partner.

Why are physical therapy services essential to a hospital?

Here are just a few reasons why hospitals need to be providing dedicated physical therapy on site:

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Post-surgical rehabilitation

For patients who have undergone surgery, the rehabilitation process should begin as soon as possible to ensure a successful outcome and a quicker return to normal activity.

Recovery from illness and injury

To properly recover from problems ranging from strokes to fractures to concussions, patients need dedicated rehabilitation services. The earlier that specialized physical therapy can be delivered, the better.

Decreased readmissions

Hospitals are under more pressure than ever to decrease costly readmissions and if patients have received rehabilitation services during their initial admission, they are less likely to be readmitted.

Increased revenue potential

Physical therapy is a billable service that can represent a significant revenue source if it can be offered efficiently. On the other hand, directing patients to off-site physical therapy services means a potential loss of revenue.

With the help of a therapy consultant, hospitals can better determine their needs and how to facilitate staffing, operations, compliance and communication with the rest of your medical and administrative staff.

What challenges do modern hospitals face providing them?

Some of the difficulties of providing physical therapy services for hospital patients include:


Finding quality and credentialed physical therapists who know how to interact with patients in a hospital setting can be tough.

Compliance and billing

Ensuring that the services being performed receive reimbursement from payers and that they are compliant with current regulations requires extensive experience and a significant investment in time and resources.


Strategic planning

Addressing issues like determining internal and external patient demand, expanding service offerings and knowing how to interface with other medical staff, is another often unforeseen aspect of delivering physical therapy in a hospital setting.

Facilities who have determined or may be concerned that the costs of offering physical therapy and rehabilitation services in their hospital outweigh the benefits should consider the possibility of physical therapy contracted services.  

How can physical therapy contracted services provide solutions?

Partnering with an organization who provides contract physical therapy services means a dedicated and focused specialization from a large organization that can be scaled to fit the needs of hospitals of any size and volume.

Outsourcing your physical therapy can connect you with physical therapy management expertise whose sole mission is to solve the staffing, compliance, billing, marketing and strategic concerns of physical therapy and rehabilitation so you can concentrate on your patients.

If you’re looking for a contract physical therapy provider, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners brings over 50 years of experience working with hospitals to the table.  

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