How Our Contract Physical Therapy Program Works

Running an operationally efficient hospital that still prioritizes patient needs can be very difficult in the modern health care environment. Hospitals of every size, in every region and serving every population face unique challenges, from staffing to billing to dealing with emerging health concerns.

For some hospitals, especially smaller facilities and/or those in suburban or rural areas, providing quality physical therapy services can seem like an insurmountable challenge. However, it’s important to realize that providing this service can result in increased patient satisfaction and revenue and decreased readmissions for hospitals — provided they can do it in a cost-effective manner.

If you’re a hospital looking to provide physical therapy and rehabilitation services on an inpatient basis, contract services from Alliance Physical Therapy Partners provides a solution. The following overview of how our contract physical therapy program works can demonstrate the potential effectiveness of these services for your facility.

Advantages of contract physical therapy with Alliance

We are an industry-leading contract therapy provider with decades of experience. Our offerings help hospitals increase efficiencies, services and revenue while reducing administrative workload that comes with managing staff and developing strategy. Alliance is passionate about forming individualized partnerships and services that are right for the unique needs of each hospital or system we work with.

We can assess your needs, whether you have a physical therapy program in place or not, and develop a plan that addresses the following:



We can help you reduce labor costs while our industry expertise ensures quality and credentialed physical therapists.

Strategic development

We are equipped to understand how to right-size your offerings while setting you up for potential expansion.


Successful physical therapy services for hospitals require messaging for patients who have been admitted to your facility and for external potential patients. We can help you spread the word.

Compliance and billing

We have proprietary solutions to enable accurate documentation and billing that is compatible with all major EMR systems. This helps ensure that your physical therapy services are a steady revenue stream.

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