Better care with an occupational therapy contract company

September 11, 2019

Patients who have suffered from conditions such as a stroke or an automobile injury need help getting back to regular activities. In some cases, they need to relearn the basic activities of daily life, from meal preparation to getting in and out of vehicles. By providing these essential occupational therapy services to patients staying at your hospital, you can start this process early in the recovery phase, which can have huge benefits for patients. 

This is where an occupational therapy contract company can help your facility. Occupational therapy is a highly specialized field that has many unique needs. With contract therapy, your hospital can leverage the resources and expertise of a large, focused organization whose only mission is to provide these services on a cost-effective basis to facilities like yours. 

Benefits of using an occupational therapy contract company 

While you may think of a specialized program like occupational therapy as an investment in time and resources that is necessary for a high level of patient care, the fact is that a properly managed department can mean reduced costs and increased revenue for your facility. This is because contract services can offer the following benefits: 

  • Access to top talent networks
  • Industry standard training, development and performance management
  • Compliance support to help meet industry regulations
  • Reduced paperwork errors for better payer reimbursements
  • Proprietary health information software for more efficient workflow
  • Strategic planning for the growth of your department and expansion of services

The right occupational contract partner can build a long-term relationship that is growth-oriented and meets the needs of your patients. 

Alliance can provide top-quality occupational therapy services

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we bring more than 50 years of proven experience to the table. We can help hospitals with contract therapy services that range from physical therapy and rehabilitation to occupational therapy. With a roster of satisfied partners across the United States, we know exactly what it takes to succeed in the modern health care environment. Our commitment is to get to know a facility’s unique needs and then work to deliver individualized solutions. 

To learn more, contact us today. We’re happy to provide an assessment of your current therapy offerings and recommendations for effective solutions.