Three reasons your hospital should go with an occupational therapy partner

June 4, 2020

In hospital settings, occupational therapists play an absolutely essential role in the rehabilitation and recovery process. For a wide range of conditions, from traumatic injury to stroke to orthopedic surgery, occupational therapy helps patients start to regain function and learn or relearn the skills necessary for daily living. The sooner that patients can receive this type of care the better, which is why according to the American Occupational Therapy Association, occupational therapy is associated with reduced hospital readmissions

However, occupational therapy is also a highly specialized field that requires expertise and resources for proper management. In many situations, hospital leaders can face significant hurdles to administering a program on a cost-effective basis. To help, hospitals can turn to a dedicated organization with a deep understanding of how to manage occupational therapy in a hospital setting. 

How can an occupational therapy partner help your hospital deliver exceptional care? 

Here are the primary benefits that hospital occupational therapy programs can enjoy from working with a high-quality partner organization:

  1. A better patient experience — The right occupational therapy partner should be as patient focused as your hospital is. From helping you attract the right qualified talent to training and development that helps patient recovery and long-term health, you can get the support and resources you need. 
  2. Compliance support — Like other service lines, occupational therapy has a complex and unique set of regulations that can result in lost revenue and fines if they are not adhered to. An occupational therapy partner should have the operational knowledge to help you stay fully compliant. 
  3. Proven systems of work — The most successful hospital occupational therapy programs have workflows in place that maximize the time of your staff so they can focus on delivering the care your patients need. Efficient workflow also means reduced charting and billing errors, helping you increase revenue and decrease risk exposure. 

Your experienced partner in occupational therapy management

For decades, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has been helping hospitals across the United States streamline physical, occupational and speech therapy services while maximizing patient experience. We believe in clear communication and treating our partners like family so we can all grow together. We’ll be happy to schedule an assessment of your hospital’s occupational therapy program so we can better identify how we can help you. Contact us today to learn more.