COVID-19 Recovery

To the surprise of many COVID positive patients, physical therapy can aid in the recovery process. For the majority of COVID-19 patients, symptoms remain mild and dissipate after two to three weeks. But an estimated 10% to 35% report experiencing symptoms like shortness of breath and muscle weakness for months. 

For those experiencing long-haul symptoms their hospital and recovery time is much longer than other COVID-19 patients and requires additional rehabilitation. But physical therapy can help with long-haul COVID symptoms. 

What COVID Symptoms Physical Therapy can Treat

Physical therapy can help treat a variety of symptoms COVID patients experience, including:

  • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, respiratory recovery
  • Decreased mobility and ability to walk
  • Overall weakness and generalized deconditioning
  • Pain, joint stiffness, and other musculoskeletal conditions
  • Balance and neurological challenges
  • Worsening of comorbidities

How Physical Therapy Treats COVID Symptoms 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners employs a nation-wide network of physical therapists who are well versed in helping people recover from long-haul COVID symptoms. Our comprehensive recovery program is research-backed and focuses on improving respiratory and neurological capacity along with overall mobility. 

This program is individualized and can be treated virtually or in-person through one of our partner clinics or at-home. If your patients are recovering from the coronavirus, a hospitalization, or following stay-at-home quarantine recovery from any form of illness, we have a physical therapy program catered for their needs to help improve their functional ability.

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