Physical Therapy

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is the key to attracting new patients

You’ve probably realized that owning a practice is not as simple as, “if you build it they will come”. You need a marketing plan that supports your overall business goals. Relying on the expertise of our professional team, and leveraging the strategies of successful practices across our network, you will be positioned to grow your practice.

Leverage our strengths to better utilize yours

As a physical therapist, your expertise is working with patients to help them achieve long-term health benefits. At Alliance, our expertise is creating physical therapy marketing strategies and solutions to help more patients. Together, we’re better.

what is contract therapy

Joining Alliance is the first step towards reaping the rewards you truly deserve.

Our direct marketing strategies allow us to benchmark your current performance and decipher your hidden potentials to foreground the consumer experience and drive greater sales results. We will help you discover your best opportunities.

All of our services have one goal in mind – to reduce your administrative tasks and give you the freedom to lead your practice. Joining Alliance is the first step toward reaping the rewards of economies of scale, the opportunity for regional expansion, and the ability to share knowledge of successful best practices across the network.