Richard Leaver

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Leaver is responsible for leading the organization’s operational efforts, improving efficiency and ensuring all clinical team members are offering the highest level of care at all Alliance Physical Therapy Partners nationwide.  In addition, Richard leads and manages the integration of acquired and de novo physical therapy practices.

As a licensed physical therapist with over twenty five years of clinical experience, Richard understands the importance of differentiating each practice by delivering an outstanding patient experience and proven outcomes. In addition to completing his Physical Therapy degree, Richard has earned a Masters in Ergonomics from the prestigious Loughborough University in England, an MBA from the University of Michigan, and his undergraduate degree in Physical Education from the University of Birmingham. Richard’s educational background and  professional and academic career indicate his relentless drive for achievement and growth.

Prior to joining Alliance, Richard was the Vice President of Operations, Washington State for ATI Physical Therapy, where he helped with the operational and strategic growth of the organization’s nationwide outpatient clinics. Richard held clinical operations positions with Flexeon Rehabilitation, Sparrow Health Systems, and Physiotherapy Associates prior to his tenure at ATI.

Richard employs a no-nonsense, professional and detail orientated approach toward problem-solving. A British reserve, combined with naturally good judgment, he leads his team with focus, sincerity, humility, and vigilance.