Episode 7: Nutritional supplements to assist in the management of Musculoskeletal conditions and improve post-operative orthopedic outcomes

With more than 400 published randomized trials in orthopedics, the science in targeted clinical nutrition is advancing rapidly and the case for utilizing it as a modality in patient care has become firmly established, including adoption by leading orthopedic hospitals.

In this episode we speak to the CEO of MEND, one of the firms leading the charge in developing evidence based clinical nutrition products for orthopedics. Our discussion with Eziah Syed focuses on:

  • The state of the science
  • Why this domain is important in patient outcomes
  • Why clinical nutrition is poised to become standard of care and how PTs can effectively incorporate into patient treatment to enhance outcomes

91% of patients are now saying that nutrition is important to their physical therapy and are expecting their PT to recommend solutions. Don’t miss this episode to understand one the most important emerging domains in patient care.

Podcast Transcript
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Podcast Transcript

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