Episode 18: Building a High Performing Team

In this podcast titled, “Building a High Performing Team” we speak to Ryan Klepps.  Ryan currently serves as Vice President of Operations at WebPT, leading the Onboarding, Member Education, Data Operations/Interoperability, and Member Support teams.

Our discussion with Ryan focuses on:
-How we define a  ‘high performing team’
-The need to build the team before successful operational execution
-What factors / attributes are seen in a high performing team
-Challenges with creating a high performing team
-What determines the best type of team organization
-Predictive indicators for a team’s ability to perform

Part of the Agile&Me: A Physical Therapy Leadership podcast series.  The podcast series has been devised by Alliance Physical Therapy Partners to help educate and inform emerging and experienced therapy leaders about various topics relevant to outpatient therapy services.

Podcast Transcript
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Podcast Transcript

Coming Soon!