Alliance Agile&Me Podcast Episode 14 .....

Today’s Agile&Me podcast, “ The Function and Importance of Front Office in Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinics ”.  We are thrilled to welcome our guest Linda Kerrick.

Linda Kerrick is the Director of  Front Office Operations for Alliance Physical Therapy Partners. Richard and Linda discuss:

-The role of the front office employee and their primary responsibilities
-How to measure front office success / performance
-What key metrics are used to assess front office operations
-What skillset / attributes are you looking for when recruiting for a front office coordinator
-Why we need a front office employee
-How clinicians can support the front office coordinator
-What clinic owners / operational leaders need to understand and do to optimize front office operations

Part of the Agile&Me: A Physical Therapy Leadership podcast series.  The podcast series has been devised by Alliance Physical Therapy Partners to help educate and inform emerging and experienced therapy leaders about various topics relevant to outpatient therapy services.