What services can be included in a physical therapy contract?

June 21, 2019

Providing physical therapy services for patients during their hospital stay is an essential part of care, but some facilities require assistance. Managing physical therapy and rehabilitation departments have their own unique requirements compared to core service lines. Many hospital administrators find themselves struggling to successfully run a unit that meets patient’s needs while also staying within budgetary and operational constraints. 

By entering into a physical therapy contract with an organization that specializes exclusively in providing these services, hospitals can utilize their knowledge and experience to provide exceptional physical therapy on a cost-effective basis. 

Physical therapy contract services

The specific services that can be included in a physical therapy contract depend on the needs of the facility and the scope of the physical therapy provider. Here are a few examples of areas where physical therapy contract services can help:


  • Staffing support — Recruiting and hiring qualified therapists can be a challenge, especially for small and remote facilities. Contract physical therapy can help with access to recruiting networks. 
  • Compliance assistance — Like other disciplines, physical therapy has constant regulatory updates that departments must stay updated on. Physical therapy contracts can include proven systems that help ensure accurate documentation of services performed. 
  • Strategic planning — Physical therapy units need to stay growth-oriented and offer the latest practices in order to stay competitive in a marketplace that includes more and more private practice clinics. A contract therapy service has the expertise to help. 


With more than 50 years of experience in the physical therapy field and satisfied hospital partners across the country, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can provide the contract services you need. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is a leader in contract services

With proprietary software that is compatible with all major EMR systems and a recruiting network that gives access to top-level talent, physical therapy contracts with Alliance can offer your hospital the tools it needs to succeed. We’re passionate about building true partnerships with our clients that provide the services you need to help you grow while staying within your budget and administrative needs. 

Contact us today to learn more. We’re glad to perform an assessment of your current physical therapy services to better assist you.