What can an independently contracted physical therapy provider do for your facility?

September 3, 2019

Maintaining proper staffing levels, and keeping them trained and up to date with practices, is one of the biggest challenges faced by many therapy services departments. This is especially true for smaller hospitals located in remote or rural areas, such as the many critical access hospitals across the United States. Finding therapists with the right qualifications and experience, not to mention the right approach to patient care, can help your facility meet its patient care goals and improve overall experience, but it can be difficult to know where to start. 

An independent contractor physical therapy provider is a solution that many hospitals turn to that offers some unique benefits from both an operational and patient care standpoint. To help you understand how contract physical therapy can work for you, read this overview of benefits. 

Benefits of contract physical therapy

Hospital therapy departments have unique, operationally specific needs that hospital leadership must meet in order to provide the care that patients deserve on a cost-effective basis. By contracting with an organization that is dedicated to therapy, you can gain the following benefits:  

  • Staffing support
  • Performance management
  • Compliance assistance
  • Proven workflow systems
  • Strategic development
  • Proprietary health information systems

With the help of the right contract therapy services department, you can gain access to hiring and recruiting networks that can get qualified and caring talent into your facility. Additionally, you can streamline your operations and increase revenue to make your therapy department into a net contributor.

Alliance can connect you with top therapists

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we want to help take your hospital to the next level with contract therapy services that provide all of the above benefits and more. We bring decades of experience in the industry to the table and combine it with a passion for building highly personalized relationships to meet the needs of our individual partners. 

Learn more about how to receive an assessment of your therapy program and staffing needs by contacting us today.