What can a therapy services consult do for my hospital?

May 5, 2020

Providing physical, speech and occupational therapy services in your hospital has been shown to improve the overall patient satisfaction rate of your hospital. And because patient satisfaction ratings are directly tied to the success of your hospital, it’s important to consider whether physical, speech and occupational therapy services are something you can include in your patient care. 

For many larger hospitals, an in-house rehabilitation team is a necessity. However, for smaller hospitals, the overhead cost and administration needed to manage an additional team is limited. Therefore, many smaller hospitals are faced with the choice of improving their patient satisfaction at the detriment of their profitability or continue at a lower satisfaction rate and risk long-term profit and stability loss. Neither option is flattering. 

The best of both worlds

Working with a therapy services consultant can help you find a solution that provides physical, speech and occupational therapy services to your patients without adding additional administrative and overhead costs. At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we have worked with hospitals for more than 50 years to find customized solutions to fit their needs. Our outsourced physical, speech and occupational therapy services offer the following benefits to smaller hospitals who are not able to hire an in-house team:

  • A greater comprehensive patient experience that will help improve your patient satisfaction rating
  • Reduced administrative costs by outsourcing labor
  • A strategic marketing plan designed to bring more patients to our partnered services
  • Immediate access to a proven system of work in the therapy space
  • Added resources for recruiting top talent therapists
  • Turnkey solution to growing market share and improving performance

We can schedule a consultation with your team to review your current patient journey and administrative/budget factors and help you find a solution to fit your specific needs. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with our Alliance PTP team.