Episode 10: The ABC of Custom Foot Orthotics and the Integration into Outpatient Physical Therapy

Today’s Agile&Me podcast is titled, “ The ABC of Custom Foot Orthotics & The Integration into Outpatient Physical Therapy”.  We are thrilled to welcome our guests Stacy Parent & Dawn Yorton.

Dawn Yorton is a certified Pedorthist and Stacy Parent is the Director of Operations for BioCorrect (a manufacturer of handcrafted custom orthotics).

Richard, Dawn & Stacy discuss:

  • What a Pedorthist is
  • What makes BioCorrect different from the competition
  •  What types of conditions commonly seen in outpatient physical therapy clinics may benefit from foot orthotics
  •  What determines whether a custom foot orthotic is more suitable than an OTC foot orthotic
  • What materials are used to make custom orthotics & how long should they last
  •  Are custom orthotics covered by insurance and what is the cost to patients for your orthotics?
  •  And more!
Podcast Transcript
<p>Coming Soon!</p>
Podcast Transcript

Coming Soon!