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4 Main St. Unit T2 Newport, ME 04953

Living in or near Newport, Maine? Need physical therapy to treat an injury or medical condition? Our Back in Motion Physical Therapy team has a clinic in Newport, and we’re here to help you get the therapy you need. Our Newport clinic is located at 4 Main Street, Unit T2, which is right across from the Newport Laundry Center.

What can our team treat?

Our Newport therapy team has experience helping people treat a wide range of injuries and medical issues. Some of the issues we can help treat include: 


      What physical therapy techniques do we offer? 

      There are many therapy techniques out there, and our Newport clinic team is well versed in the most effective, evidence-based methods. We also excel at combining multiple techniques to create individualized therapy plans fitted to your needs. A few of the techniques that could be included in your therapy plan are: