Partnering with experience for your hospital’s physical therapy services

June 1, 2020

Hospital patients need physical therapy. Whether a person is recovering from major surgery, traumatic injury, or a condition such as a stroke or heart attack, physical therapy helps patients start to heal and regain basic function. Delivering physical therapy while a patient is still under hospital care means starting this process as early as possible in the recovery phase. 

In fact, according to the American Physical Therapy Association, there is strong evidence that physical therapists play a key role in reducing costly hospital readmissions. What is just as true, however, is that there are significant challenges involved in properly managing a hospital physical therapy program and getting the results your patients and hospital require. As is often the case, there is no substitute for experience, which is why so many hospitals are choosing to partner with a dedicated physical therapy organization. 

What benefits can a hospital expect from a physical therapy partner? 

No matter the size, location or budget of a hospital, the patients who are admitted there deserve the same level of care. Successful physical therapy requires dedicated knowledge and resources that many hospital leaders are challenged to find access to. This is where an experienced physical therapy organization can help. 

Experience and expertise can help your hospital’s physical therapy department achieve these benefits: 

  • Efficiency — A larger-scale organization that works with hospitals across the country can develop systems of work that overcome common pain points in the delivery of physical therapy. This gives administrators the ability to help more patients with fewer resources. 
  • Increased revenue — Better care and fewer billing errors can mean increased revenue in the form of more patients helped and higher reimbursement rates. 
  • Decreased risk — Dedicated compliance support and better training and development can shield your hospital from regulatory problems and errors. 
  • More satisfied patients — It all comes down to helping your patients get the care they deserve. An experienced partner can help you hire, train and retain the best people while offering the latest treatments and services. 

Hospitals that work with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can leverage decades of experience and gain access to industry-leading resources. 

Reach out to the experts in hospital physical therapy

The Alliance team brings more than 50 years of experience to the table, and we’ve been building success relationships with facilities across the United States. We’ve achieved the success we have by treating our partners like family and building unique action plans that scale to the needs of each hospital. 

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