Need help improving your hospital’s physical therapy services? A consultant can help

June 9, 2020

Physical therapy is a key part of the patient experience for so many people during a hospital stay. From post-operative recovery to injury rehabilitation, working with a qualified physical therapist gives patients an early opportunity to begin to regain function and mobility. Timely physical therapy is even associated with a decrease in hospital readmissions, according to the American Physical Therapy Association. However, as many hospital administrators are keenly aware, managing a truly patient-centric therapy program on a cost-effective basis can be very difficult. 

No matter the size of your hospital or your budget, a physical therapy consultant is a highly effective solution for improving the quality of your program. By learning about the specific ways a consultant can help identify your biggest opportunities and initiate an action plan, you can make an informed decision about choosing the right one for your hospital. 

A physical therapy consultant can assess your physical therapy service level and offer workable solutions

The first step in working with any consultant should be a thorough fact-finding assessment to determine what is working and what can be improved on in your hospital’s therapy services program. Typically, physical therapy consultants will look at the following areas during an evaluation: 

  • Workflow processes and systems — By leveraging the experience and skills of a consultant, your hospital can improve performance by identifying outdated software and systems of work that are reducing your team’s efficiency.
  • Regulatory compliance — Compliance issues can result in costly fines and missed reimbursement opportunities. A qualified consultant should have a deep understanding of how to help any hospital stay compliant with changing regulations. 
  • Service offerings — Expanding services and offering the latest practices gives your department the opportunity to help more people and improve outcomes. 
  • Strategic development — From planning for the future to better internal communication to external marketing, a consultant can help you find the best strategic opportunities for your hospital.
  • Hiring and training practices — It ultimately comes down to having a great team. Physical therapy consultants can identify ways to attract top talent and how to focus on development to increase retention and decrease turnover. 

Alliance brings 50 years of experience to the table

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can offer hospitals the highest level of physical therapy consulting to help improve your hospital’s services. We’ve built our reputation on treating our hospital partners like family and providing custom-tailored solutions that scale to any budget. 

Want to find out how we can help? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to schedule an in-depth assessment of your program by one of our expert physical therapy consultants.