Industrial Worksites

On-site injury prevention & management for your workforce.

Industries that put a high demand on the human body, like manufacturing or construction, create wear and tear on employees, putting them at risk of injury. We embed athletic trainers in your organization so they can manage and maintain your workers’ health and wellness, and keep them running at peak performance.


Injury Prevention

We apply preventive measures to workers’ daily routines to prevent injuries and keep your employees on the job.

Injury Management

Our onsite team ensures immediate injury response and integrative recovery, meaning less time off and less likelihood of re-injury.

Wellness Management

We proactively address factors that lead to serious problems – such as physical alignment, nutrition and work-life balance.


Our proactive, preventive care process uncovers potential musculoskeletal stressors in your workplace and how to avoid them.

Who We Serve

Manufacturers & Distributers

Government & Municipalities