How contract therapy providers can help critical access hospitals

August 7, 2019

Critical access hospitals (CAHs) are essential to helping patients in rural and remote areas get the care they need, especially in emergency situations. The patients who come to these facilities have the same illnesses, conditions and injuries as those served by larger hospitals, but as any CAH leader knows, resources can be very tight. 

Among the essential services that many patients admitted to CAHs require are physical therapy and rehabilitation. However, staffing and managing a full therapy department internally simply isn’t feasible in facilities where there are small bed counts and physicians aren’t always on-site. 

Working with a contract therapy provider can be a huge asset to critical access hospitals that are looking to provide their patients with an essential service that scales with their budget and resources. By having a better understanding of the advantages a provider can offer, you can make a more informed choice about whether working with one is right for your facility. 

Benefits of a contract therapy provider

For critical access hospitals looking to reduce costs without sacrificing quality patient care, a contract therapy provider can bring the following to the table: 

  • Operational expertise — Contract therapy providers are organizations that are often exclusively dedicated to the therapy services field. This means that smaller facilities can leverage knowledge and resources that they otherwise may not have had access to. 
  • Access to top talent — Recruiting qualified and experienced therapists can be a challenge for CAHs and other small facilities. Contract therapy providers can help by providing access to recruiting networks that can bring the talent you need to help patients.
  • Proven systems of work for any size hospital — From documentation of services to billing appeals, therapy services have unique industry-specific requirements that are a challenge for many administrators. A contract therapy partner can help implement systems and streamline workflows to help reduce costs and increase revenues for any budgets of any scale. 

If you’re a CAH looking to gain these advantages, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is a provider who can help you. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is a leader in contract services

We have over 50 years of experience in the therapy services field and have helped hospitals of all sizes, from critical access to large urban facilities, achieve their patient care goals. We are proud to boast a top-of-the-line proprietary rehabilitation services management tool that is compatible with all major health information systems to help you stay efficient and compliant. 

Learn more about what we can offer and how you can receive a comprehensive review of your current therapy program when you contact us today.