Cost Benefits of Contract Therapy

In the modern health care space, it’s more difficult than ever for hospital administrators and executives to deliver the exceptional care patients deserve on a cost-effective basis. One area that leadership can particularly struggle in is providing efficient yet effective physical therapy and rehabilitative services for patients in the recovery stage.

The personnel needs, regulatory and billing compliance requirements and performance management concerns can create significant administrative hurdles for hospitals of any size, but particularly small- or medium-sized facilities. Hospitals looking to reduce budgets and trim operating expenses often question the necessity of providing inpatient physical therapy when it may seem more efficient to refer patients to an off-site facility.

Do hospitals really need to provide onsite physical therapy?

It’s important to understand the benefits that quality physical therapy and rehab provides to patients during the immediate recovery process after undergoing surgery or suffering a debilitating injury. Receiving physical therapy during a hospital stay has the potential to improve patient experience, shorten recovery time and lower the chance of readmission.

Hospitals concerned about the costs associated with providing this critical treatment at their facility often turn to contract physical therapy services with a dedicated partner.

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Contract physical therapy has cost-saving potential  

By outsourcing their physical therapy and rehabilitation management to a contract services provider, hospitals can gain the expertise and resources of a larger, specialized organization at a reduced cost. Alliance Physical Therapy is a leading provider of contract physical therapy, providing decades of experience and industry-leading expertise to our partners.

Cost benefits of contract physical therapy can include:

Lower personnel costs

Contract physical therapy can help you reduce the need for management, recruiting and training roles required in a hospital department.

Better performance management

Contract physical therapy providers often have access to highly trained and credentialed talent that requires less oversight and commits fewer costly errors.

Reduced administrative overhead

Physical therapy and rehabilitation is an area with unique regulatory and compliance practices. A contract physical therapy service can bring the know-how and systems hospitals need in a turnkey package.

Increased reimbursements

Better documentation and billing for the treatments provided can result in increased revenue and profitability contribution from your physical therapy unit.
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Working with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can assess the performance of your current physical therapy program and offer cost-saving solutions with our contract services.

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