Physical Therapy Consulting

Hospitals today face many challenges in providing quality care to patients. In an era of rising costs, growing patient volumes, new health care trends and ever-tightening budgets, there can be tough decisions to make as you seek to create operational efficiencies without sacrificing patient experience.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation departments have unique needs in terms of staffing, operations, compliance and billing. For some hospitals, it might seem like the budgetary and operational needs of a therapy services don’t scale with the size or location of the facility. In these cases, hospital leadership and administration may start to question whether these services can or should be provided or if they ought to be referring patients off-site.

This is where therapy consulting enters into the picture. Therapy consultants can work with a hospital to help determine the optimal needs for therapy and rehabilitation services. They can then offer solutions to meet these needs that fit a hospital’s operating model and budget.

Therapy services are essential to patient care in a hospital setting

For patients receiving inpatient care for a wide range of injuries and conditions, therapy and rehabilitation is often necessary for a full and timely recovery. The sooner patients can receive this care from a dedicated and licensed therapist, the better chance they have of regaining mobility and function during the recovery period.

Potential benefits of a fully functioning onsite physical therapy and rehabilitation department include:

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Patient satisfaction

Receiving high-quality, dedicated care during the recovery period can result in patients reporting better outcomes and a more positive experience.

Reduced readmissions

By increasing recovery rates, physical therapy can decrease the likelihood that patients will need readmission due to complications, re-injury or other issues.

Decreased readmissions

Hospitals are under more pressure than ever to decrease costly readmissions and if patients have received rehabilitation services during their initial admission, they are less likely to be readmitted.

With the help of a therapy consultant, hospitals can better determine their needs and how to facilitate staffing, operations, compliance and communication with the rest of your medical and administrative staff.

How therapy consulting can help your hospital

By having a dedicated background in both therapy care and operations, using a physical therapy consultant can help your hospital determine its physical therapy needs and develop a sustainable operational model.

Therapy consulting can help your hospital in the following ways:

  • Analyzing your existing service model, offerings and performance
  • Helping with staffing needs
  • Evaluating compliance and billing to offer improvement recommendations
  • Interfacing with other departments for better communication  
  • Assessing potential areas for strategic growth and service expansion
  • Identifying areas for cost savings and revenue stream improvements to optimize the contribution from physical therapy and rehabilitation units

Whether your goal is to build or streamline an onsite therapy unit or explore other solutions such as outsourcing and other contract l therapy services, choosing the right therapy consultant can help your facility make these key decisions.  

Working with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

Alliance physical therapy partners brings decades of solid experience in therapy management to the table. Our nationwide industry connections and expertise make us the therapy consultants many hospitals turn to when they want to provide the services their patients deserve.

Our mission is to help our partners increase efficiencies, offer a wide range of services that patients need and expand revenue streams while decreasing the administrative burden on hospitals. Alliance therapy consulting brings the resources and know-how to identify and add programs that align with your medical staff and practices to better meet the needs of your patients and your community.

We’re happy to assess your current therapy needs and performance while offering solutions for future growth and stability. We offer our hospital partners a full suite of contract therapy services, including performance management, staffing, strategic marketing, program development, compliance and billing support that includes proprietary systems.

Contact us today for more information and to learn more about how we can help you.

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