Four things to look for in a physical therapy consultant

September 5, 2019

The goal of physical therapy is using therapeutic exercises, manual therapy and other targeted treatments to help restore mobility and functioning to patients dealing with injury or recovering from surgery. In a hospital setting, receiving this care on an inpatient basis can help in very important ways — especially by increasing patient satisfaction and experience. 

Therapy departments have unique needs, however, leading many hospital managers to work with a physical therapy consultant. By having experience and expertise in the physical therapy field, a consultant can help hospitals to improve this critical service line. This includes improvements in recruiting, hiring, training, performance management, workflow systems, regulatory improvement and strategic support, just to name a few. 

If you’re exploring the possibility of using a physical therapy consultant, the following guide can help you better understand some of the specific qualities to look for.

Your physical therapy consultant should have these qualities

When researching potential physical therapy consultants, look for: 

  1. A reputation for building partnerships — Find out what other hospitals have to say about a consultant. It’s not just about results, either. The best physical therapy consultants are able to build real relationships. 
  2. A track record of success — Ask any prospective consultant what they’ve been able to accomplish for their client facilities. 
  3. Proprietary systems — A consultant can be an expert at identifying opportunities, but can they offer workable solutions? Top organizations should have proven systems to help you streamline operations while providing the highest level of care. 
  4. Operational expertise — Hospitals work with physical therapy consultants because it allows them to leverage the extensive specialized knowledge of an industry insider. 

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we’re confident in our ability to deliver all of these qualities with contract therapy and consulting services. 

Top physical therapy expertise with Alliance

We’re proud to offer our partners across the country 50 years of industry experience in physical therapy. Here’s what just one of our satisfied clients had to say: 

“Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has been our rehab provider for more than 25 years. During that time, our program has seen exceptional growth, good cost management and excellent leadership. Alliance’s service is priceless when it comes to quality and the added value they bring to our program. Alliance is committed to the success of our rehab program.”

— Stephanie Riemer-Matusak, Former CEO, Mercy Hospital Grayling 

We’re happy to provide an assessment of your current therapy program so we can identify your service needs. Please contact us today to learn more.