Four reasons it’s important to provide excellent inpatient rehab at your hospital

June 7, 2020

Today, patients have more options than ever before for physical therapy and rehab, including specialized inpatient facilities and outpatient clinics. This means as a hospital leader, it can be increasingly challenging to run a high-performing inpatient physical therapy and rehab program in this competitive environment.

However, excellent inpatient physical therapy provides numerous benefits for both your patients and hospital. This is why so many successful inpatient hospital programs partner with a dedicated organization that supports them with knowledge and resources they need. The right physical therapy and rehab partner can help your hospital deliver the care your patients need.

How inpatient physical therapy and rehab helps your patients and hospital

To help clarify exactly why your hospital’s inpatient physical therapy program is so important, here are four big benefits that the right partner can help you achieve:

  1. It helps the early recovery process — Whether it’s post-surgical rehab or recovering from a stroke, the sooner that patients can begin to regain function and mobility, the better. 
  2. It can increase patient satisfaction Studies show that patients who receive physical therapy are satisfied with their care and outcomes. 
  3. It can lower costly readmissions — In the current regulatory climate, readmissions can be costly for your hospital. There is evidence that physical therapy and rehabilitation can help hospitals lower their readmission rate. 
  4. It can be a positive contributor to your bottom line — An efficiently run physical therapy and rehab department can lead to increased reimbursements and decreased overhead, becoming a positive contributor to your hospital.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners takes a highly collaborative approach to working with hospitals to deliver exceptional inpatient therapy and rehab that scales to any size hospital and budget. 

A physical therapy and rehabilitation partner you can trust

Alliance has more than 50 years of industry experience that we’re proud to bring to the table. Our approach is built on delivering the highest level of patient care that helps hospital partners get the full benefits that excellent inpatient rehab can offer. Ready to take your program to the next level? Contact us today and schedule an in-depth assessment with our experts.