Four qualities to look for in a contract therapy company

September 13, 2019

Patients recovering from surgery, injury or any other number of conditions need to be able to receive high-quality therapy and rehabilitation services in order to maximize their chances of a positive outcome. For a hospital administrator, not only can this help improve patient satisfaction, but a properly run therapy unit can also be a source of growth and revenue for the facility. 

Unfortunately, hospitals are all too often struggling to find the resources and personnel necessary to deliver the quality of care patients deserve while meeting administrative requirements. Contract therapy companies can bridge this gap by providing expertise and services in this sector on a scale that meets the operational needs and budgets of any size hospital. 

What qualities should a hospital expect from a contract therapy company? 

It is important to select a company that can deliver on this promise while building a true two-way partnership with your facility. Here are four important qualities to look for: 

  1. Experience — Contract therapy companies that have a proven track record in the industry have a better chance of being operationally sound and having the expertise to deliver on promises. 
  2. Practical solutions — Hospitals need to be able to rely on putting these services into practice from day one, with minimal operational friction, in order to achieve a return on the investment. 
  3. Proprietary systems — Whether a workflow system or electronic medical records (EMR) program, successful contract therapy companies should have the resources to develop custom-made solutions for the unique needs of a therapy and rehabilitation department. 
  4. Satisfied clients — Do your research and find out if other hospitals have had a satisfactory experience with a prospective contract therapy provider. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can provide these qualities to hospitals

With more than 50 years of experience in the therapy services industry, Alliance has a proven record of success in providing effective contract services to our hospital partners. Working with us means getting access to a company with expertise in performance management, strategic marketing, recruiting and hiring, and compliance support. We also offer our partners proprietary therapy software that is compatible with all major health information systems. 

We work to build close partnerships with the hospitals we work with to help them grow their therapy departments while increasing revenue and profitability. This is evidenced by our testimonials from hospital leaders: 

“Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has proven to be an effective partner in operating and managing the complete portfolio of the therapy services offerings for our hospital. Their unique systems of work provide an unparalleled blend of clinical expertise, technology and reproducible workflows. Our relationship has produced predictable and measurable clinical, operational and financial performance. Our employee engagement scores for Rehab Services are at the top of all of our hospital departments. These people understand the importance of a respectful work environment and practice it every day.”

— John MacLeod, board member and former CEO, Mercy Hospital Cadillac

To better determine how we can assist you, we can perform a full assessment of your current therapy program. Contact us today to learn more.