Four hospital quality improvement ideas that physical therapy departments can use for better patient experience

March 5, 2020

Patient experience is the lifeblood of any successful hospital. Being happy with the treatment one receives and feeling cared for as a person play a significant role in positive outcomes across the entire spectrum of patient admissions. For administrators and executives looking to increase positive patient experience, having a hospital quality improvement strategy is essential. 

Trying to improve patient experience through higher-quality service should extend to physical therapy departments as well. By helping to jump-start the recovery process for patients dealing with a wide range of injuries and conditions, physical therapy in a hospital gets people moving and back to performing daily activities as early as possible. If a hospital is able to improve the quality of its physical therapy department, it can have a positive effect on patient experience as a whole. 

Physical therapy quality improvement to help your hospital and patients

Here are four things every physical therapy department should be doing to improve patient experience: 

  1. Communicating better — Any approach to patient-centered care will be based on good communication. Hiring and training therapists who are always courteous, make eye contact, and take the time to educate and explain recommended treatments are fundamental to a superior patient experience. 
  2. Valuing patients’ time — The people under your care are often in pain and are anxious about their recovery prospects. If your staff, including physical therapists, are noticeably bogged down and overwhelmed due to inefficient systems of work, patients will not receive the care they deserve in a timely manner.
  3. Providing up-to-date treatments — Outdated service offerings can have a negative effect on both patient experience and outcomes. Physical therapy programs that utilize the latest advances in the field can have a better chance of helping patients achieve treatment goals and feeling satisfied with their care. 
  4. Minimizing errors — From costly billing errors to privacy breaches to just getting a name or condition wrong, patients are never happy to encounter errors. Through better training and implementation of system upgrades, your department can lower the frequency of errors and develop a more frictionless patient experience. 

Do you need a partner for hospital quality improvement? 

Are you looking to achieve the above goals but are unsure where to start? With a dedicated partner for your physical therapy program, you can develop an effective strategy that improves the quality of your hospital as a whole. Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is an industry leader with more than 50 years of experience in helping facilities achieve a higher level of physical therapy service. Our experts can offer solutions for compliance, recruitment, education, strategic development and upgrading your therapy management software.

We’re happy to offer an assessment of your current program to help you identify opportunities and create an action plan to improve your patient experience. Contact us today.