Five benefits of partnering with a physical therapy management consultant

April 9, 2020

Hospitals are faced with more challenges than ever before in a rapidly changing health care landscape. From growing patient populations to aging patient populations to a wider array of competing options, hospital executives are increasingly being put in a position of having to do more with less year over year. It can be enough of a strain just focusing on your core service lines that you may worry that allied health services like physical therapy aren’t getting the attention they deserve. 

This is where a physical therapy management consultant can be a powerful ally. By working with a seasoned expert in the field, you can learn how to successfully balance excellent patient care with operational efficiency. 

Here’s how a physical therapy management consultant can help 

Specific benefits of leveraging the knowledge and resources of a physical therapy consultant include: 

  1. Enhanced patient experience — Physical therapy promotes healing and recovery and helps get patients back to functioning. If your department is performing at an optimal level, your patients will be the primary beneficiaries. 
  2. Increased efficiency — A physical therapy management consultant can help you streamline your systems of work and upgrade outdated software to help your team do their jobs better. Not only does this help your patients, but it also reduces operational overhead.
  3. Fewer compliance issues — Physical therapy has its own set of unique regulations that a dedicated consultant can help you navigate. Staying compliant means less exposure to costly fines. 
  4. Increased revenue — A consultant can help you address issues in your billing practices as well as recommend service offerings that can help you maximize your revenue for your physical therapy department. 
  5. A high-performing team — From recruiting and hiring to training and staff development, attracting the best people and keeping them motivated can help you reduce turnover and maintain a consistent level of patient care. 

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, our experienced and skilled consultants can help you identify the opportunities in your program and provide solutions to help you maximize these benefits. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners — consultants you can trust

Our physical therapy management consultants have decades of combined experience in helping hospitals perform at an operationally excellent level. To learn more, contact us today. We can work with you to schedule a comprehensive assessment of your physical therapy program.