Five advantages of contract physical therapy services

May 1, 2019

Operating a hospital in today’s healthcare environment brings unique challenges to administrators and support staff. It can seem harder than ever to keep quality patient care as the central focus it needs to be while balancing operational and organizational requirements.

One important area that is difficult to maintain, particularly in small-to-medium sized hospitals, are inpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation services. While providing this care to patients is critical for the recovery process and can help prevent readmissions, it is also notoriously difficult to staff properly and can often be seen as nonessential compared to other units when it’s time for budgeting.   

Contract physical therapy services can provide a solution to this dilemma. By outsourcing physical therapy and rehabilitation to a specialized physical therapy provider, hospitals can still provide exceptional care to patients at a cost that can be fit to the budgets of hospitals of any size and in any location.


Why you should choose contract physical therapy services

Alliance is an industry-leading outsourced therapy provider with years of experience in helping hospitals provide quality care while achieving operational efficiency. To help you better understand the potential upside of contract physical therapy services, we’re sharing these five key advantages with you:


  • Reduced labor costs — Labor costs don’t always scale down for hospital therapy departments in lower volume facilities. By saving labor costs with outsourced physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, your budget can be reallocated to other areas.



  • Program development — Working with a dedicated physical therapy provider brings the opportunity for expanded offerings and new therapy programs to better meet patient needs.



  • Improved patient satisfaction — Our specialized focus and dedication to patient care can lead to higher patient satisfaction and better outcomes for your facility.



  • Strategic planning — We have the expertise and resources to help your program grow at the appropriate rate for your facility and budgetary needs.



  • Compliance strength — Alliance has a dedicated compliance team to ensure proper documentation, charting, coding and billing practices for better accuracy and a higher rate of reimbursements.



Trust Alliance for your contract physical therapy service needs

We bring over 50 years of hospital experience to our partners across the country who choose us for their contracted physical therapy and rehabilitation needs. To learn more about our therapy outsourcing solutions, contact us today.