Finding a partner for acute care physical therapy services in your hospital

April 6, 2020

Acute care physical therapists play a critical role in helping patients recover during a hospital stay. No matter the reason for admission, the sooner that patients can start to get moving and regain functioning, the better. In fact, there is good evidence to support the idea that delivering high-quality acute care physical therapy can help hospitals lower costly readmissions among patients.

As a hospital leader, you undoubtedly understand that delivering acute care physical therapy is not without its challenges. Physical therapy is a highly specialized field, with its own set of unique care procedures, regulations and billing practices. This is why so many hospitals turn to a partner organization that specializes in delivering hospital-based acute care physical therapy services.

Here’s how an acute care physical therapy services partner can help

To help you navigate the complex world of physical therapy, a partner can help ease much of the administrative burden from your facility’s leadership. Here are some of the specific benefits you hospital can enjoy: 

  • Improved patient experience — Ultimately, it’s all about the patients. With a high-performing team that is trained in the latest service offerings, your patients can get a higher level of care. 
  • Increased revenue — By streamlining workflows, your team can help more patients. By improving billing practices, you can increase reimbursement rates. 
  • Decreased costs — From reducing the need for specialized administrative and leadership positions, to decreasing your exposure to costly fines from compliance issues, the right acute care physical therapy partner can help you operate on a cost-effective basis. 

To maximize the benefits to your physical therapy department and your patients, it’s important to find a partner that is right for your specific facility’s needs and budget. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners for your acute care needs

At Alliance, we’re an organization built on long-term relationships and keeping the focus firmly on patients. We have a roster of satisfied hospitals across the United States that we’ve helped achieve their acute care physical therapy needs. To schedule an in-depth assessment of your physical therapy department, contact us today