Episode 26: Physical Therapist Burnout: Causes and Solution

In this podcast titled,  “Physical Therapist Burnout: Causes and Solutions” we have the great pleasure speaking with Meredith Castin,  a licensed physical therapist, entrepreneur, career strategist, and owner of The Non-Clinical PT.

Our discussion with Meredith focuses on:

-What we mean when we talk about clinician burn out
-How burnout is manifested
-Why clinician burnout is such an important issue to discuss
-Why more people are feeling burned out
-The main causes of clinician burnout
-Underlying intrinsic and extrinsic factors
-Whether the problem is getting worse or better
-External factors that contribute towards clinician burnout
-What type of environment clinic leaders need to provide to mitigate the risk factors contributing towards possible clinician burnout
-How we see the future of outpatient physical therapy

Part of the Agile&Me: A Physical Therapy Leadership podcast series.  The podcast series has been devised by Alliance Physical Therapy Partners to help educate and inform emerging and experienced therapy leaders about various topics relevant to outpatient therapy services.

Podcast Transcript
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Podcast Transcript

Coming Soon!