Episode 23: The Role of a Commercial Real Estate Agent in Helping You Find and Secure Your New Clinic Location

In this podcast titled,  “The Role of a Commercial Real Estate Agent in helping find and secure your new clinic location” we speak to Shirward Punches, commercial real estate agent from CARR

Our discussion with Shirward focuses on:

-What the role of the Commercial Real Estate Broker is
– Why a potential new clinic owner should engage a commercial real estate agent
-How  a commercial real estate broker can they help a prospective clinic owner identify and secure a new location
-The type of data points and sources of information commercial real estate brokers use to  assist in finding a suitable location for an outpatient physical therapy clinic
-The steps involved with finding and securing a new clinic location
-What an RFP and LOI is
-Common pitfalls potential new clinic owners need to keep in mind when finalizing terms and conditions
-What concessions are and what is the industry norm for the amount of concessions provided to new tenants
-How to find a commercial real estate broker / agent

Part of the Agile&Me: A Physical Therapy Leadership podcast series.  The podcast series has been devised by Alliance Physical Therapy Partners to help educate and inform emerging and experienced therapy leaders about various topics relevant to outpatient therapy services.

Podcast Transcript
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Podcast Transcript

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