Episode 20: The Future of Virtual Physical Therapy

In this podcast titled, “The Future of Virtual Physical Therapy” we speak to Ben Keeton.  Ben currently serves as Director of Clinical Operations at The Jackson Clinics, a leader in outpatient physical therapy in Virginia.

Our discussion with Ben focuses on:
-One’s experience to date as it pertains to delivering physical therapy virtually
-The skepticism surrounding the delivery of virtual physical therapy
-The barriers to the adoption and growth of virtual physical therapy
-A comparison of genesis and adoption of virtual physical therapy to telemedicine
-Can virtual physical therapy be as effective as traditional in-person outpatient car
-The diversity of diagnoses and demographics that are suitable and respond to virtual physical therapy
-The growth of virtual PT and the competitive landscape

Part of the Agile&Me: A Physical Therapy Leadership podcast series.  The podcast series has been devised by Alliance Physical Therapy Partners to help educate and inform emerging and experienced therapy leaders about various topics relevant to outpatient therapy services.

Podcast Transcript
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Podcast Transcript

Coming Soon!