Creative ways to improve patient satisfaction for your hospital

March 6, 2020

Today, patient satisfaction is more important for hospitals than ever before. It can affect staff retention, malpractice claims and budgets, but most importantly, it should reflect a commitment to positive outcomes for patients due to excellent care. Improving patient satisfaction should be more than just inflating a number on a survey; it should truly be an effort to improve quality of life for the people under your care. 

To accomplish this, hospital executives should leave no stone unturned in their quest to improve patient satisfaction. This means being creative and exploring aspects of care that are outside the core hospital service lines, including physical, occupational and speech therapy services. 

How a therapy services partner can help improve patient satisfaction

Therapy services as a whole can be overlooked by hospital administrations due to the highly specialized nature of this field. Successfully managing physical, occupational and speech therapy programs requires navigating an array of unique best practices, regulations, accreditations and systems. However, hospital-based therapy services are absolutely essential to patient care, helping patients start the recovery process and resume basic activities early in the process. 

To help, a dedicated therapy services partner can assist hospitals in a number of important ways that can have a positive impact on patient satisfaction. These include: 

  • Training and development programs to help your team stay focused on a patient-centric approach
  • Proven systems of work that help a larger number of patients get the care they need
  • Strategic development to expand service offerings 
  • Recruitment support to ensure you attract the best talent

The right partner should treat you the same way you treat your patients: with clear communication and highly personalized solutions.

Alliance is passionate about exceptional patient care

If you’re looking for creative ways to improve your patient satisfaction, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help. For decades, we’ve been helping hospitals develop highly individualized action plans to improve patient satisfaction, decrease costs and increase revenue. Above all, we want to help you give your patients the outcomes and quality of life they deserve. 

Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive assessment of your program and discuss potential solutions that are right for your facility.