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Physical therapy providers — how to find a partner you can trust

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Operating a physical therapy department is filled with unique challenges that can be difficult to overcome. Even successful departments with highly trained clinicians can feel like meeting their departmental goals is a struggle. From strategic planning to human resources to marketing, many physical therapy providers wish they could have support in these areas to allow them to focus on what matters most — helping patients. 

This is where Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help. We offer hospitals support in key business areas, so you can grow and thrive without sacrificing your autonomy as a provider. Our partner hospitals can grow in a way that’s right for them, leveraging the operational knowledge and proven work systems of a dedicated physical therapy organization. 

Alliance can offer the following support to our partners

Therapy departments who join with us can expect a high degree of support and resources in areas that physical therapy providers often need assistance with, including:

  • Direct marketing support
  • Health information software integration
  • Recruiting support
  • Professional development
  • Strategic management
  • Compliance support

Our solutions are turnkey, and satisfied providers who have joined us have found a high amount of value from our services. We’re committed to ensuring that the physical therapy providers who join our team remain autonomous and receive all the necessary support to thrive in their markets.

For physical therapy providers who are looking to reach the next level

Physical therapy departments have specialized operational needs, and Alliance offers industry-leading expertise and more than 50 years of experience in this field. Putting our practices into place can result in increased patient volume, decreased administrative processes and higher compliance that can result in increased reimbursement from payers. 

When you join us, you’re gaining a true partner that believes in collaboration and building relationships that are like family. If you’d like to learn more about growing your hospital therapy programs, please contact us today. 

PT Management Support Systems

PT management support systems with a contract therapy provider

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Physical therapy (PT) management plays a key role in successful patient outcomes for a large number of hospital patients. Having a well-run and smoothly functioning PT department allows patients to receive the rehabilitation they need to help along the healing and recovery process. To accomplish this, hospital leaders require a number of PT management support systems to ensure a high level of care. 

For many hospitals, PT management is a serious challenge due to limited time and resources. This is why more administrators and executives are turning to contract therapy providers for the support they need. To help you learn more about the specific PT management support systems that a contract therapy provider can offer, we’ve created the following overview. 

Specific support systems that PT departments require

Examples of management support systems that PT departments need include: 

  • Recruiting, hiring and staffing — To get the best people with the right credentials and approach to patient care 
  • Training, development and performance management — To keep your staff up to date with the best physical therapy practices
  • Compliance and billing support — To stay in line with regulations and keep revenue flowing in 
  • Strategic planning and new service offerings — To make sure your department is growing and offering patients a full range of treatments 
  • Efficient workflow systems and proprietary software — To ensure your staff is able to use time productively and not dealing with slow, antiquated systems 

For hospitals with limited budgets and resources, providing all of these key functions through internal administration is not always feasible. Contract therapy services can deliver high-caliber PT management support that scales to different budgets and needs. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has industry-leading support systems

From proprietary health information systems to access to recruiting networks, Alliance can help you achieve your patient care and operational goals. We bring a passion for personal relationships and more than 50 years of physical therapy experience to the table. No matter how big or small your facility is, your patients deserve a high level of care. 

Contact us today to find out how you can receive a comprehensive assessment of your current program and your PT management support needs.

Four Things to Look for In a Physical Therapy Consultant

Four things to look for in a physical therapy consultant

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The goal of physical therapy is using therapeutic exercises, manual therapy and other targeted treatments to help restore mobility and functioning to patients dealing with injury or recovering from surgery. In a hospital setting, receiving this care on an inpatient basis can help in very important ways — especially by increasing patient satisfaction and experience. 

Therapy departments have unique needs, however, leading many hospital managers to work with a physical therapy consultant. By having experience and expertise in the physical therapy field, a consultant can help hospitals to improve this critical service line. This includes improvements in recruiting, hiring, training, performance management, workflow systems, regulatory improvement and strategic support, just to name a few. 

If you’re exploring the possibility of using a physical therapy consultant, the following guide can help you better understand some of the specific qualities to look for.

Your physical therapy consultant should have these qualities

When researching potential physical therapy consultants, look for: 

  1. A reputation for building partnerships — Find out what other hospitals have to say about a consultant. It’s not just about results, either. The best physical therapy consultants are able to build real relationships. 
  2. A track record of success — Ask any prospective consultant what they’ve been able to accomplish for their client facilities. 
  3. Proprietary systems — A consultant can be an expert at identifying opportunities, but can they offer workable solutions? Top organizations should have proven systems to help you streamline operations while providing the highest level of care. 
  4. Operational expertise — Hospitals work with physical therapy consultants because it allows them to leverage the extensive specialized knowledge of an industry insider. 

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we’re confident in our ability to deliver all of these qualities with contract therapy and consulting services. 

Top physical therapy expertise with Alliance

We’re proud to offer our partners across the country 50 years of industry experience in physical therapy. Here’s what just one of our satisfied clients had to say: 

“Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has been our rehab provider for more than 25 years. During that time, our program has seen exceptional growth, good cost management and excellent leadership. Alliance’s service is priceless when it comes to quality and the added value they bring to our program. Alliance is committed to the success of our rehab program.”

— Stephanie Riemer-Matusak, Former CEO, Mercy Hospital Grayling 

We’re happy to provide an assessment of your current therapy program so we can identify your service needs. Please contact us today to learn more.

Physical Therapy Billing Services

Three benefits of physical therapy billing services

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Running a successful physical therapy department should always be about keeping patients at the center of the care experience. Whether recovering from surgery or a serious injury, therapists play a key role in helping patients regain function and achieve long-term wellness. Providing this much-needed piece of care on an inpatient basis can help your facility improve overall patient satisfaction and reduce costly readmissions. 

As a hospital leader, you probably also understand the importance of operational efficiency in your therapy department. To make sure that the right level of patient care is delivered, billing and revenue must be managed successfully. However, billing practices and regulations are constantly changing in the modern health care environment. This is particularly true for physical therapy billing services, which has its own unique needs and properties. To help ensure correct reimbursement, many facilities enlist the support of a dedicated contract services organization with specialized knowledge in physical therapy billing. 

What are the specific benefits offered by physical therapy billing services?

Hospitals that work with a contract services partner can experience the following benefits for billing support: 

  1. Proven billing systems — Contract therapy services offering billing support typically have proprietary systems that are designed specifically for the needs of physical therapy departments to increase revenue. 
  2. Personalized support — Every facility and department has different needs, so the best contract therapy services will offer customized billing support. 
  3. Industry-specific knowledge — Physical therapy departments will have unique needs compared to other service lines, which can sometimes represent a challenge for hospital administration. Physical therapy billing services can be better provided by an organization with dedicated industry expertise. 

With the help of a dedicated partner, your hospital can see increased revenue and streamlined operations, allowing your staff to keep the focus where it belongs — on your patients. 

Physical therapy billing services with Alliance 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has more than 50 years of experience in the industry that we want to help put to work for you. From billing services to staffing support to integrating state-of-the-art EMR systems into your department, we can help you achieve your patient care and administrative goals. 

To learn more about what we can offer and how you can receive a comprehensive review of your current therapy program, contact us today. 

Do You Need a Physical Therapy Strategic Partner?

Do you need a strategic partner for physical therapy?

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Developing and growing your hospital’s physical therapy program requires guidance to take it in the direction it needs to go. This means developing a strategy that is based on dedicated expertise in this field. To help with this goal, more and more hospitals are turning to physical therapy strategic partners who can provide unique knowledge and insight into the needs of therapy and rehabilitation departments.

Physical therapy needs to be introduced as early in the treatment and recovery process as possible. This means providing inpatient care in a hospital, not waiting until discharge to go to an outpatient facility. By then, patients can potentially already be experiencing issues like muscle atrophy, decreased circulation and diminished motor function. In addition to hurting outcomes, it can also lead to the potential for costly readmissions for your hospital. 

Whether you’re trying to grow, right-size or completely overhaul your physical therapy department, a strategic partner can assess your current needs and make recommendations that are feasible for your needs.   

What kind of strategic support can a physical therapy partner offer?

To help your hospital develop and achieve strategic physical therapy goals, a dedicated partner can look at the following areas: 

  • Your staffing levels and needs
  • Current service offerings and opportunities
  • Documentation practices and recommendations
  • Performance management software 
  • Regulatory compliance 
  • Communication with patients and other service line professionals 

The right partner can offer recommendations and provide turnkey solutions for these aspects of your program that can help to increase efficiency, streamline costs, boost revenue from payers and lead to healthier, more satisfied patients. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners — more than 50 years of expertise

Hospitals of all sizes and in all locations turn to Alliance for strategic partnerships that boost operational efficiency and increase patient satisfaction. In addition to our decades of knowledge and experience in this field, we’re also proud to offer hospitals access to a top recruiting network and state-of-the-art performance management software that is compatible with most major health information systems. 

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to perform a thorough evaluation of your current physical therapy program.

Physical Therapy Consultant

Does your hospital need a physical therapy consultant?

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A physical therapy consultant can help your hospital’s therapy program streamline operations, improve patient satisfaction, decrease costs and increase revenue. For hospitals of any size and in any location, maintaining a high-performing physical therapy department comes with a unique set of requirements. Even successful programs can find areas of opportunity, from implementing new best practices to expanding your service offerings for market share growth. 

Answering whether your facility can be helped by a physical therapy consultant can be a challenging question, which is why we’re sharing the following information. As you read the following, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help your facility. 

Advantages of working with a physical therapy consultant 

By providing a thorough assessment of your program, a therapy consultant can help you prioritize changes and make recommendations for improvements that can help you achieve your goals. A physical therapy consultant will generally look at the following areas: 

  • Recruiting and hiring practices
  • Training and development
  • Documentation of billable services
  • Workflow 
  • Health information systems
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Internal and external marketing 

After assessing your current program, the right physical therapy consultant can help you with strategic recommendations and practical improvements that your hospital can implement. Physical therapy programs are a critical component of positive patient outcomes, helping the healing process so patients can be discharged with a higher level of functioning. Properly managed, your therapy department can be a positive revenue contributor and cornerstone of patient satisfaction.  

Alliance Physical Therapy has the expertise you need

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we provide hospitals with a comprehensive array of consulting and outsourcing therapy services. We work with facilities large and small across the United States as a true partner to help you achieve your patient care and operational goals. 

We want to help you leverage our decades of experience and expertise in the therapy field as well as our top-of-the-line proprietary therapy management software that is compatible with all major health information systems. 

Learn more about our service offerings and find out how to receive an assessment of your current program when you contact us today. 

Physical Therapy Department Management Systems for You

How our physical therapy department management systems can help you

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Many physical therapy departments excel in delivering high-touch patient care from expert clinicians. This success can cause small clinics to grow until they start to struggle with the operational and management side of the business. A number of disparate and smaller systems that were adequate at first are now starting to slow you down and become hurdles for you, your staff and your patients. 

We’re well aware of the opportunity costs that can come with upgrading systems and implementing new workflows for your staff. Even if old systems and fly-by-wire operations seem to be slowing you down, it can seem like a huge investment in time and resources for marginal improvements. 

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we are industry leaders in physical therapy department management. We help our partners find the right set of solutions for their needs while scaling with budgets of all sizes.  

Total integration with our proprietary EMR management system

One of the many advantages we can offer is a state-of-the-art electronic medical records (EMR) management system. By upgrading to this comprehensive therapy management software, your therapy department can offer a higher level of patient care while streamlining your operations and phasing out obsolete systems. Our EMR software can help you with the following: 

  • More accurate documentation of services
  • Tighter compliance with industry regulations
  • Increased reimbursements from payers
  • Better continuity of care for your patients
  • Streamlined operations and reduced costs
  • More efficient systems of work for your clinicians and staff

Unlike other software solutions who take a one-size-fits-all approach, Alliance can work with you every step of the way to ensure that this system is implemented effectively and that we successfully troubleshoot any problems. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can give you a smooth transition 

We’ve been able to build a thriving network of therapy departments across the United States because we treat our partners like family. We understand that to grow your clinic and provide your patients with the one-on-one care they deserve, you need a physical therapy management partner who values a two-way relationship. 

Learn more about how we can help your therapy department make the changes you need by contacting our team today.

How a Physical Therapy Department Management Consultant Can Help

Four ways a physical therapy department management consultant can help you

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Running a physical therapy department in the modern health care landscape comes with a set of unique challenges. You likely started your therapy department with the goal of helping patients return to a better quality of life, but it’s easy to quickly find yourself overwhelmed by administrative and operational concerns that you were not prepared or trained for. 

Trying to manage operations for your therapy department independently, either by yourself or by hiring in-house administration, can be both costly and time-consuming. While tending to these issues is completely necessary, it can start to feel like it’s taking away from your ability to provide the direct patient care you were trained for. 

This is where a physical therapy department management consultant can assist you. By leveraging the expertise of a larger organization with a dedicated focus on therapy services administration, you can streamline your operations and put more of your time and resources into helping patients and truly growing your department. 

Ways physical therapy departments can rely on management consultants

If you are looking for operational assistance in any of these four areas, there’s a good chance a physical therapy management consultant can help you: 

  1. Billing and compliance support — Regulations and best practices are always changing. The right partner can help you stay on top of the latest updates and put systems in place to help you increase revenue from payers. 
  2. Human resources management — Recruiting and hiring top talent can be time-consuming. Therapy services consultants can have access to recruiting networks to bring the right people to your therapy department. 
  3. Professional development — Keeping your staff fully trained and compliant with industry-standard practices is another area where a partner can be of assistance. 
  4. Marketing — Getting the right message to the right audience requires experience and resources that a dedicated physical therapy management consultant should have. 

You should look for a partner who not only has decades of experience in these and other areas, but also someone whom you are comfortable building a personal relationship with. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help you with the management services you need

At Alliance, we believe in treating our partners like they are family. We have over 50 years of experience in this field, and we understand that the best care is delivered on a highly personalized basis. That’s why we strive to help our partners maintain their personal identity while giving them the resources and knowledge they need to succeed and grow their therapy department. 

Learn more about how a management consultant can help you when you contact us today.

Being a Successful Physical Therapy Manager

Being a successful physical therapy manager

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Many clinicians can find themselves thrown into the role of being a physical therapy and rehabilitation manager even if they don’t have a business or management background. As so many facilities, especially critical access hospitals, find themselves doing more with less, therapy services can sometimes fall by the wayside. However, timely therapy interventions can be highly associated with successful patient outcomes and positive patient experiences. 

What’s more, successful physical therapy managers can also see their programs become a significant revenue stream for their facility and contribute to strategic growth. If you’re looking to achieve this, we’re sharing the following guide to the qualities that are found in many top therapy program leaders. 

What traits do successful physical therapy managers share? 

Physical therapy and rehabilitation units do have many unique operational needs, but they should also be focusing on the same care fundamentals as other service lines and interfacing with them smoothly. To balance all of this, any physical therapy manager should keep the following priorities in mind:

  • Patient advocacy and always keeping the patient’s best interest at the center of any interactions
  • Clear communication with other medical personnel and departments to ensure continuity of care
  • Operational expertise and deep knowledge of best practices for regulatory compliance and reimbursement for payers
  • Understanding of proper staffing levels and how to recruit therapists with the right mix of experience and patient focus

The good news is that you don’t have to go it alone if you’re a physical therapy manager who is challenged to meet these goals. Many of the most successful leaders have a partner in the form of contract therapy providers who can help address some or all of the opportunities in the above areas. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help you find management success   

For decades, Alliance has been helping hospitals across the United States manage their therapy programs for better patient care, more efficient operations and strong strategic growth. We believe in building strong and lasting partnerships with each facility we work with, not taking a one-size-fits-all approach to contract therapy. With our recruiting network, proprietary therapy software, compliance support and marketing services, we can custom-build a solution that fits nearly any budget and scale. 

To learn more and receive an assessment of your current program and opportunities for growth, contact our dedicated team today. 

5 Things to Look for in Physical Therapy Consultant

Five things to look for in a physical therapy consultant

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Hospitals can use physical therapy consultants to analyze their therapy programs and make strategic recommendations for more efficient operations and better patient experience. Many hospital leaders, especially in smaller and more remotely located facilities, face challenges managing physical therapy departments due to the specialized knowledge and needs required of them. With growing competition from outside therapy providers, many hospitals can start to question the degree they are able to provide these services on a cost-effective basis. 

However, any clinician will tell you that the sooner physical therapy can be started after sustaining an injury or recovering from surgery, the better. Timely intervention can result in better patient outcomes and a lower rate of costly readmissions. For hospitals looking to achieve these results, physical therapy consultants can help leaders make the necessary improvements to their service offerings. 

What are the most important qualities a physical therapy consultant should have? 

It’s important to choose a physical therapy consultant who not only has the right credentials, but who can also build a productive relationship with your facility. While some of these qualities are intangible, many more of them are objective, including: 

  1. Experience — A consultant with a long record of successful experience in the industry has seen a wider variety of situations and can be more likely to know how to solve your particular problems. 
  2. Operational expertise — Physical therapy consultants should work with an organization that focuses exclusively on therapy services to ensure they have the focused expertise that your department requires. 
  3. Communication skills — Experience and expertise can only take you so far. Your consultant needs to be able to effectively interact with your leadership and medical staff in order to truly help your facility. 
  4. Reputation — What do other hospitals that have worked with this consultant have to say? Do your research and try to find a good sampling of feedback regarding any prospective physical therapy consultants and their organization. 
  5. Solutions — It’s critical for a consultant to identify any opportunities for improvement and development in your physical therapy program, but to capitalize on this information you also need to be able to make the needed changes. Is your physical therapy consultant able to offer turnkey solutions to help you reach your goals?

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners are the consultants you can trust

Our physical therapy consultants are backed by more than 50 years of experience in the therapy services industry. We also understand how important it is to build a strong relationship. This is why we work to develop a deep understanding of the individual needs of all of our hospital partners and offer effective solutions. Alliance can help you properly staff, streamline and grow your therapy department into a profitable unit that more importantly keeps patients and their well-being as the absolute focus of care. 

To learn more, contact us today. Our consultants can provide a full assessment of your program to determine how we can help.