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Outsourcing to a Physical Therapy Company

Outsourcing to a dedicated physical therapy company — what you should know

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For a physical therapy department to be successful in a hospital setting, hospital leaders need the resources and expertise necessary to properly administer this important service line. Whether patients are recovering from surgery, conditions like a stroke or a heart attack or from traumatic injury, physical therapy can help patients get back on their feet faster and a better chance at long-term positive outcomes. 

However, when it comes to day-to-day operations, the services, documentation and management needs can be so unique that administrators from other backgrounds often find themselves challenged to give this department the attention it deserves. This is why working with a dedicated physical therapy company can be such an effective solution. 

A company that provides contract physical therapy services can bring dedicated industry expertise at a scale that fits any size hospital and budget. If you want to learn more about how a physical therapy company can help you improve patient satisfaction and streamline your operations, we’ve created the following guide to help. 

What can a contract therapy services company offer your facility? 

Contract physical therapy companies can offer a wide variety of services to the hospitals they work for. Each facility has unique needs, so the best contract therapy providers will take a customized approach to creating a plan that is tailored to each hospital. Typical services can include: 

  • Staffing support through access to top recruiting networks
  • Performance management and development
  • Regulatory compliance and billing support to decrease costs and increase revenue
  • Strategic planning and recommendations for expanded offerings
  • Implementation of new integrated systems and workflows

A properly managed therapy department can boost your bottom line and more importantly, improve patient experience and satisfaction for those under your care. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is a company with decades of experience 

We have hospital partners across the United States who we help by building highly personal relationships with them. Here is what one of our satisfied partners had to say: 

“Alliance Physical Therapy Partners have been our rehab provider for over 25 years. During that time, our program has seen exceptional growth, good cost management and excellent leadership. Alliance’s service is priceless when it comes to quality and the added value they bring to our program. Alliance is committed to the success of our rehab program.” 

— Stephanie Riemer-Matusak, Former CEO, Mercy Hospital Grayling 

Find out how we can help you with an assessment of your current therapy program when you contact us today.

Physical Therapy Strategic Partner

How can a strategic partnership for physical therapy help you?

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Physical therapy and rehabilitation departments in hospitals face many challenges, from having adequate staffing levels to staying compliant with an ever-changing regulatory landscape. These challenges are typically the same as those faced by other service lines, but due to the unique position of therapy services as an allied health profession, hospital leaders can often face a particular set of hurdles when trying to guide this area. 

This is why more and more hospitals are turning to strategic partnerships in the form of working with contract therapy and outsourcing services. Working with a physical therapy strategic partner allows your hospital to leverage the resources and expertise of an organization wholly dedicated to therapy and rehabilitation. 

To help you better understand the specific benefits this can offer you, we’re happy to share the following guide we’ve created. 

Benefits of working with a strategic partner for physical therapy services

Hospitals come in all sizes and locations, from big-city facilities to critical access hospitals in rural areas. This means that each hospital will have unique strategic needs for physical therapy that need to be assessed. To develop the correct strategy for your hospital, a physical therapy partner should look at the following areas: 

  • Your staffing needs
  • Known compliance issues
  • Administrative speed bumps
  • Current status of health information and performance management software systems

From there, you can work together to develop a plan to meet the goals of your physical therapy department, including reducing costs, increasing reimbursements and improving patient satisfaction. Identifying problems is only part of a solid strategy. The right strategic partner for your physical therapy needs should also offer you turnkey solutions that can be quickly and easily implemented. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has helped hospitals across the United States

We’ve been helping hospitals develop effective strategies for their therapy and rehabilitation units for decades and bring more than 50 years of experience to the table. Here’s what just one of our satisfied partners had to say:

Three Ways Physical Therapy Outsourcing Improves Communication

Three ways physical therapy outsourcing improves communication

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Clear and consistent communication is essential to a high-performing hospital. From hospital leadership to doctors, nurses, physical therapists and support staff, everyone plays a role in making sure that a clear message of care is delivered to both patients and other team members. However, in situations where time and staffing levels are limited resources, communication can become a challenge. 

This can be especially true for therapy and rehabilitation units, where hospital administrators often face challenges in managing the unique operational and personnel needs that come with it. However, to ensure that patients are receiving the continuity of care they deserve, smooth communication must occur between a physical therapy team and other service lines. 

A solution for hospitals, particularly critical access facilities in remote areas, is physical therapy outsourcing. By working with an organization that is solely dedicated to all aspects of physical therapy, including communication, you can have a smoother-running therapy department that can spill over into other areas. 

Here are some tangible benefits from better communication 

Outsourced physical therapy can improve communication for your facility in the following ways: 

  1. Better documentation — In addition to staffing support, contract physical therapy services can also offer solutions in workflow systems and electronic medical records (EMR) software. This leads to better documentation of services that can improve compliance and billing. 
  2. Increased communication with patients — Having the right service and personnel levels means a less stressed staff that is better able to take the time to explain services to patients and provide education. 
  3. Smoother interfacing with administration — Outsourcing physical therapy shifts much of the administrative burden to an outside organization that is dedicated to managing therapists. This means proven communications in the areas of training, performance management and development. 

To receive the greatest communication benefits, you should look for a physical therapy outsourcing partner who believes in personal relationships and developing custom-tailored solutions to the hospitals they work with. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners — communication is our foundation

At Alliance, we’re passionate about providing the highest-quality therapy services for our hospital partners, and we believe this relationship needs to be built on solid communication. That’s why we work to fully understand the needs of each facility we work with on an individualized basis so we know how to provide smooth and effective solutions. 

For an assessment of your therapy program and more information about how we can help you improve operations and patient satisfaction, contact us today.

How Our Physical Therapy Outsourcing Can Work for You

How our physical therapy outsourcing can work for your hospital

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It’s hard to oversell just how important physical therapy and rehabilitation is to your patients’ recovery. No matter how successful initial care is, whether it’s injury treatment or surgery, there is still a lot of healing that needs to occur. Physical therapists play a central role in helping patients restore functionality and achieve positive outcomes. The earlier that patients can receive this care, the better, which is why all hospitals typically have an in-house physical therapy unit. 

We understand how difficult it can be for many hospitals to provide high-quality physical therapy services, particularly if you’re a smaller critical access facility. This is where turning to a physical therapy outsourcing network can be highly advantageous. To help you better understand what a physical therapy outsourcing network is and how it can help your hospital’s physical therapy unit, we’ve provided the following easy-to-understand guide. 

What is physical therapy outsourcing? 

Physical therapy outsourcing is delivered by a group of providers who specialize in therapy services. For hospitals requiring assistance with providing inpatient therapy and rehabilitation, physical therapy outsourcing can offer support in the following ways: 

  • Streamlining costs
  • Improving compliance
  • Providing a network for recruiting top talent 
  • Offering assistance with internal and external marketing needs
  • Working with other service lines to ensure continuity of care
  • Implementing proven practices to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes

By working with an organization that is dedicated solely to the physical therapy field, hospitals can provide a higher level of service on a more cost-effective basis.  

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners provides unparalleled support 

Alliance is an outsourced physical therapy provider with over 50 years of experience in this field. We offer our partners industry-leading expertise, proprietary health information systems designed to increase compliance and revenue, strategic recommendations and marketing support. We’ve worked with hospitals across the country on an individualized basis to deliver services that are tailored to the unique needs of each organization. 

We would be happy to assess your current needs to determine how we can help. Contact us to learn more. 

outsource postop rehab

Should you outsource postoperative rehab?

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No matter what the specific procedure or purpose is, surgery is a highly invasive form of treatment that requires a significant healing and recovery period. One of the best ways to ensure a positive outcome and a return to daily activities for patients is to begin the postoperative rehabilitation process as soon as possible after the procedure. 

For hospitals performing inpatient surgery, this generally means having a physical therapy and rehabilitation program on site. This allows for better interfacing between therapists and other medical staff to offer a better patient experience that can potentially be reflected in higher satisfaction scores and reduced readmissions. 

Postoperative rehab challenges and outsourcing as a solution

The challenge that many hospitals face, especially smaller facilities with limited budgets, is that providing postoperative rehabilitation on site is very difficult to do on a cost-effective basis. Some hospitals may even think it is easier to refer patients to an off-site facility to begin the rehabilitation process. Common hurdles that hospitals face in delivering postoperative rehab include: 

  • Hiring qualified and credentialed therapists
  • Staying up-to-date with best practices and regulatory changes
  • Strategic planning and training to offer new therapy programs to patients
  • Performance management 
  • Marketing services to patients 
  • Maximizing revenue streams with proper documentation and coding

Managing a postoperative rehab unit can be an administrative burden for hospitals that are already thin on resources for their core service lines. This is where outsourcing postoperative rehab and other therapy services can be highly beneficial. Outsourcing organizations, or contract therapy providers, can focus completely on delivering an exceptional level of care to patients that hospitals can outsource on a scale that fits their operational and budgetary needs. 

Alliance — your postoperative rehab outsourcing partner

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is proud to be able to help hospitals of all sizes and in all locations meet the needs of their patients while achieving their performance benchmarks. We are a national leader in the contract therapy field and have satisfied partners across the United States that we’ve been helping for decades. Working with us offers your facility top-level expertise, proven systems of work, unparalleled compliance support and access to a high-performing recruiting network. 

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your postoperative rehab goals, contact us today. We can perform an assessment of your current therapy program and your potential service needs.