Can physical therapy consulting services help your hospital?

July 7, 2019

In the modern health care landscape, hospital administrators are more challenged than ever before. With rising costs, growing patient populations, changing regulations and new treatment offerings, it can be difficult enough managing primary service lines, let alone more specialized areas like physical therapy.

This is where a physical therapy consulting service can help. Consultants working with a contract therapy service can provide hospitals with knowledge and expertise that only a highly specialized physical therapy organization can provide. By implementing recommended changes, hospitals can better provide the physical therapy services that patients deserve on a scale that fits their budget, size and location. 

How do physical therapy consultants work with hospitals? 

When a physical therapy consultant works with a hospital, the first step is typically to assess the performance of the current program. During this assessment, the following areas are usually analyzed so recommendations can be made: 

  • Recruiting practices
  • Staffing levels
  • Efficiency of service and documentation 
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Communication and interfacing with other service lines
  • Strategic planning and awareness
  • Billing and reimbursement with payers 
  • Internal and external marketing opportunities 

From there, the consultant can make strategic recommendations on how to streamline, improve or implement new processes. Physical therapy consultants will typically work with a contract therapy service that can offer turnkey solutions to the opportunities highlighted and will continue to work with the hospital to ensure successful implementation. Working with the right contract therapy service and consultant can help facilities better help patients, increase revenue, expand services and have a growth-oriented plan for the future.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners offers expert consulting services

We are industry-leading physical therapy experts with more than 50 years of focused experience in this field. Our consultants understand the unique requirements that therapy units in hospitals face and work to identify the opportunities that can best help your program. Alliance can offer custom-tailored solutions that fit your needs and budget, including proprietary performance management software that interfaces with all major health information systems. 

We would be happy to assess your current needs to determine how our consultants can help. Contact us to learn more.