Can physical therapy consulting help your hospital?

May 12, 2019

Having inpatient physical therapy services are critical to helping patients recover from surgery, injury, cardiovascular conditions, neurological conditions and anything else, but this department also brings specific requirements for training, staffing and compliance. While providing high-quality physical therapy services can help improve patient satisfaction and reduce costly readmissions, many hospital leadership teams can have trouble achieving this on a cost-effective basis. 

By using a physical therapy consultant, your hospital can leverage the expertise of a professional who not only understands rehabilitation and therapy from a patient care standpoint, but also has an understanding of the unique operational needs of a physical therapy department. Together, you can assess your current performance and identify the gaps in your services and opportunities for increased growth and efficiency. 

If you’re a hospital leader who is wondering if physical therapy consulting can help your facility, here are some of the questions that a consultant can help you answer.  

What are your staffing needs?

Are you understaffed? Overstaffed? Are you overinvesting in operational leadership for physical therapy that can be provided in other ways? Higher educational standards, changing patient demographics and prioritizing physical medicine have all led to a tighter supply in the job market for physical therapists. This leads to a wide range of challenges in meeting staffing needs for a large number of hospitals. 

A physical therapy consultant can take a look at your current physical therapy and rehabilitation staff structure and provide potential solutions, such as outsourcing. 

Do you have proven systems of work?

Hospitals with successful and profitable physical therapy units will have stable workflows in place to ensure that patient needs are assessed, the right care plan is recommended and implemented, and that the services performed are properly documented. This helps achieve a consistent and positive patient experience while ensuring smooth and efficient operations. 

Another core component of physical therapy consulting is an audit of your physical therapy workflow and recommendations for how you can streamline your services while still providing the level of care that every patient deserves. 

What are your regulatory compliance needs?

Like other medical disciplines, physical therapy and rehabilitation is a tightly regulated field that is constantly being updated with new standards and practices. Not complying with these regulations can have potential legal ramifications, not to mention interfere with your reimbursements from payers. 

If compliance is an area that is challenging your physical therapy unit, physical therapy consulting can almost certainly help isolate the weak links in your operational chain while providing tested solutions for educating, training and ensuring staff accountability. 

Do you have plans in place for strategic growth and marketing?

Keeping up with the latest advancements in physical therapy can be a full-time job. This is exactly why you leverage the expertise of a dedicated physical therapy consultant who can help you develop a state-of-the-art physical therapy program. Instead of flying blind and not knowing what new treatments and equipment would truly be effective for your hospital, a physical therapy consulting partner can help you gather the data you need to make these decisions on an informed and rational basis.

Physical therapy marketing is another area where some hospital administrators have questions, even if there is an effective marketing plan in place for other service lines. The right physical therapy consultant should be an expert in messaging to make sure existing and potential patients have a solid understanding of your hospital’s therapeutic and rehabilitative offerings. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners offers decades of consulting expertise

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is an industry-leading physical therapy consulting and outsourcing provider helping hospitals become more efficient, offer a full range of services and achieve revenue cycle goals. We do this while eliminating many of the administrative hurdles that go with running a physical therapy and rehabilitation unit. We’re proud of our more than 50 years of experience in helping our partners achieve their program goals. 

After assessing all of your program needs, Alliance can assist you with recommendations for proven systems of work, improving compliance and meeting your staffing requirements with our connections to top talent. We also offer our partners a proprietary rehabilitation performance management solution that easily interfaces with all electronic medical records systems. 

Whether your needs are big or small, our therapy consulting services can help you answer your key operational questions. Contact us today to learn more.