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Health care labor costs .....

Three ways you can lower health care labor costs with a physical therapy partner

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Hospitals today are constantly looking for ways to lower health care labor costs while still providing exceptional patient care. While budgets are seemingly getting tighter every year, most hospital leaders understand that sacrificing patient care for a reduced bottom line can lead to a downward spiral that doesn’t benefit anyone. However, by finding true opportunities for operational efficiency, it’s actually possible to improve patient experience while reducing costs. 

Your physical therapy department is a perfect example of this. Since it is such a specialized field, physical therapy is a discipline where hospital leaders with a more generalized background can find themselves challenged to manage resources on the most cost-effective basis. This is where a skilled and experienced physical therapy partner can help. 

Working with a physical therapy partner to lower your health care labor costs

Here are some of the ways a qualified partner can help you identify opportunities for streamlining operations and reducing your payroll: 

  1. Eliminating unnecessary positions — By utilizing the resources of a dedicated organization, hospitals can often reduce payroll by eliminating administrative roles.
  2. Increasing productivity — A physical therapy partner can implement systems and workflows that are more efficient and allow your therapists to do more work in less time. 
  3. Reducing turnover — With access to top talent and better training systems, hospitals can lower their costly turnover rates and build teams that help maintain operational excellence over the long term. 

Instead of blind cost-cutting, a qualified physical therapy partner can help you find the efficiencies that actually strengthen your program. Finding the right organization can help you achieve positive return on your investment in a short period of time. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help you reduce health care labor costs effectively

We’ve been building lasting relationships with our hospital partners for decades. Our satisfied clients include executives from hospitals of all sizes, budgets and locations. We’re happy to provide a detailed assessment of your physical therapy program to identify your biggest opportunities to reduce cost and improve performance. 

Contact us today to learn more. 

Physical therapy management consultants .....

Five benefits of partnering with a physical therapy management consultant

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Hospitals are faced with more challenges than ever before in a rapidly changing health care landscape. From growing patient populations to aging patient populations to a wider array of competing options, hospital executives are increasingly being put in a position of having to do more with less year over year. It can be enough of a strain just focusing on your core service lines that you may worry that allied health services like physical therapy aren’t getting the attention they deserve. 

This is where a physical therapy management consultant can be a powerful ally. By working with a seasoned expert in the field, you can learn how to successfully balance excellent patient care with operational efficiency. 

Here’s how a physical therapy management consultant can help 

Specific benefits of leveraging the knowledge and resources of a physical therapy consultant include: 

  1. Enhanced patient experience — Physical therapy promotes healing and recovery and helps get patients back to functioning. If your department is performing at an optimal level, your patients will be the primary beneficiaries. 
  2. Increased efficiency — A physical therapy management consultant can help you streamline your systems of work and upgrade outdated software to help your team do their jobs better. Not only does this help your patients, but it also reduces operational overhead.
  3. Fewer compliance issues — Physical therapy has its own set of unique regulations that a dedicated consultant can help you navigate. Staying compliant means less exposure to costly fines. 
  4. Increased revenue — A consultant can help you address issues in your billing practices as well as recommend service offerings that can help you maximize your revenue for your physical therapy department. 
  5. A high-performing team — From recruiting and hiring to training and staff development, attracting the best people and keeping them motivated can help you reduce turnover and maintain a consistent level of patient care. 

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, our experienced and skilled consultants can help you identify the opportunities in your program and provide solutions to help you maximize these benefits. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners — consultants you can trust

Our physical therapy management consultants have decades of combined experience in helping hospitals perform at an operationally excellent level. To learn more, contact us today. We can work with you to schedule a comprehensive assessment of your physical therapy program.

How to improve patient satisfaction scores .....

How to improve patient satisfaction scores with better physical therapy services

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Hospital-based physical therapy helps patients who are dealing with a wide range of issues find improved functioning and increased range of motion at a critical phase of the recovery process. By receiving inpatient physical therapy, people staying at a hospital can get a jump on the healing process, which can often lead to better outcomes. As a hospital leader, better patient outcomes can equal improved patient satisfaction scores for your facility. 

As a specialized allied health discipline, successfully managing a physical therapy department comes with its own set of best practices and industry regulations. If you’re trying to improve your hospital’s patient satisfaction scores with better physical therapy services, working with an organization that specializes in the industry can help you accomplish this on a cost-effective basis. 

A physical therapy partnership for improved patient satisfaction

Delivering exceptional physical therapy services can increase patient satisfaction, but like other service lines, your program needs to be firing on all cylinders. A physical therapy services partner can help you with this in the following ways: 

  • Streamlined workflows — Ensuring that your therapists have the resources they need to do their jobs in an efficient manner means being able to help more patients get the care they need. 
  • Expanded services — Physical therapy is a rapidly advancing field, and your patients can benefit from access to the latest proven treatment options. 
  • Patient-centric training and development programs — To improve patient satisfaction, your team needs to be trained in a manner that keeps them highly focused on keeping their patients firmly at the center of care. Proper training can also help your therapists interface more smoothly with other service lines to provide better continuity of care for your patients.
  • Upgraded software — Outdated systems can leave a gap for preventable errors and interruptions to service, both of which can detract from overall patient satisfaction. Top physical therapy partners can provide proprietary software that is compatible with major electronic medical records systems. 

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we’ll work closely with your hospital leadership to ensure your department is positioned to help your facility improve its patient satisfaction score. 

Experience the Alliance difference

Our team believes that if you focus on delivering exceptional patient care, then the score will follow. Working with Alliance gives your hospital the ability to leverage more than 50 years of industry-specific experience. We’ve built long-term relationships with hospitals across the United States, and our satisfied clients can speak to our ability to get results. 

To learn more, contact us today. We can schedule a detailed evaluation of your program to determine the areas where we can help you achieve a higher level of patient satisfaction. 

Enhancing patient experience .....

Enhancing patient experience with better in-house physical therapy

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For hospitals, enhancing patient experience should be about more than simply achieving a higher score. Providing a better overall experience for your patients should primarily be about improving outcomes and ensuring that the people under your care are given the best chance of achieving their long-term health goals. By helping the healing process and improving functioning at an early stage in the recovery process, in-house physical therapy plays a crucial role in enhancing patient experience. 

To deliver the highest level of physical therapy service for patients who are staying on an inpatient basis, hospital leaders can turn to an experienced and dedicated partner organization. By receiving assistance in administrative best practices and operations for this specialized discipline, your physical therapy department can enhance your patient experience while helping your hospital meet ever-restrictive budgetary needs. 

Areas where a physical therapy partner can provide assistance

Here are some of the specific ways that a qualified and experienced physical therapy partner can help your program enhance patient experience: 

  • Better compliance support — You may think of compliance as a set of regulations to follow in order to avoid fines, but the regulations themselves are designed to help patients. By helping you navigate physical therapy-specific regulations, we also help you keep the focus squarely on patient experience. 
  • Expanded service offerings and strategic development — To improve outcomes, your patients need access to the latest evidence-based practices in the industry. Find out which services you should be offering for your patient profile.
  • Enhanced recruiting, hiring and training capabilities — Delivering exceptional patient care means building a high-performing team. The right partner can give you access to top recruiting networks and best practices for training and staff development. 

Enhancing patient experience for in-house physical therapy can be a significant positive contributor to your facility’s broader efforts, and the right partner can help you do it on a level that is right-sized for your budgetary needs. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners believes in enhanced patient care

The Alliance team is unswervingly dedicated to exceptional patient care. We’ll work with your hospital closely to identify the areas that are the biggest opportunities for your physical therapy program and provide workable solutions for your administration to implement. From software upgrades to more efficient systems of work to attracting top talent, we can help turn your department into a positive contributor to your facility. 

To learn more and schedule a comprehensive assessment of your physical therapy program, contact us today.

Acute care physical therapy .....

Finding a partner for acute care physical therapy services in your hospital

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Acute care physical therapists play a critical role in helping patients recover during a hospital stay. No matter the reason for admission, the sooner that patients can start to get moving and regain functioning, the better. In fact, there is good evidence to support the idea that delivering high-quality acute care physical therapy can help hospitals lower costly readmissions among patients.

As a hospital leader, you undoubtedly understand that delivering acute care physical therapy is not without its challenges. Physical therapy is a highly specialized field, with its own set of unique care procedures, regulations and billing practices. This is why so many hospitals turn to a partner organization that specializes in delivering hospital-based acute care physical therapy services.

Here’s how an acute care physical therapy services partner can help

To help you navigate the complex world of physical therapy, a partner can help ease much of the administrative burden from your facility’s leadership. Here are some of the specific benefits you hospital can enjoy: 

  • Improved patient experience — Ultimately, it’s all about the patients. With a high-performing team that is trained in the latest service offerings, your patients can get a higher level of care. 
  • Increased revenue — By streamlining workflows, your team can help more patients. By improving billing practices, you can increase reimbursement rates. 
  • Decreased costs — From reducing the need for specialized administrative and leadership positions, to decreasing your exposure to costly fines from compliance issues, the right acute care physical therapy partner can help you operate on a cost-effective basis. 

To maximize the benefits to your physical therapy department and your patients, it’s important to find a partner that is right for your specific facility’s needs and budget. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners for your acute care needs

At Alliance, we’re an organization built on long-term relationships and keeping the focus firmly on patients. We have a roster of satisfied hospitals across the United States that we’ve helped achieve their acute care physical therapy needs. To schedule an in-depth assessment of your physical therapy department, contact us today

Partners in physical therapy .....

What to expect when searching for partners in physical therapy for your hospital

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Physical therapy is such an important part of the patient experience for a high number of patients undergoing a hospital stay. However, due to the highly specialized nature of this discipline, hospital leaders can often find themselves challenged in properly administering their department. By working with a partner in physical therapy administration, hospitals can better position themselves to give patients a higher level of care while doing it on a cost-effective basis. 

To help you better understand what to look for and what to expect when exploring partners in physical therapy for your hospital, we’re happy to share the following informative guide. 

Qualities that high-quality partners in physical therapy should display

Any relationship with a physical therapy partner should be built for long-term success. While there may be some quick wins here and there, building a program that balances efficiency and exceptional patient care takes time. That’s why these particular qualities are so important: 

  • Experience — Look for a provider that has not only been in the industry for a long time but also has a proven track record of success with similar hospitals. Experience means a partner that is more likely to have encountered the same challenges your program faces. 
  • Communication — From communicating with your hospital leadership to teaching your therapists to better communicate with patients, look for physical therapy partners that understand how to build rapport and consensus with everyone involved. 
  • Resources — Being able to leverage the resources of a physical therapy-focused organization can help you succeed by giving you access to tools and expertise on a cost-effective basis. For example, physical therapy partners should be able to help you implement therapy management software upgrades and offer compliance support to help you stay on top of industry regulations. 

The benefits of finding the right partners in physical therapy for your hospital are substantial, including better patient outcomes, increased revenue and streamlined costs. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

Working with Alliance means a partner that brings more than 50 years of physical therapy experience to the table. We build successful relationships using all of the qualities listed above, and we do it on a highly individualized basis, creating plans that are right-sized for the facilities we work with. Ready to learn more? Contact us today and ask to schedule a thorough evaluation of your physical therapy department and the potential solutions that could work for you. 

Like other service lines, your therapy services program can benefit from focusing on quality improvement. .....

Why is quality improvement important in health care and therapy services?

By | Blog, Contract Therapy

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, quality improvement in health care can be defined as the systematic and ongoing efforts that lead to measurable improvement in service levels and the health status of targeted patient groups. For any hospital leader, the importance of these efforts should be clear in their ability to help improve the lives of as large a number of patients as possible. 

Since therapy services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, play a key role in the recovery process for patients in a hospital stay, it’s important to ensure that any comprehensive quality improvement effort includes this area. To ensure the best possible outcomes from both a patient care and administrative standpoint, many of the most successful hospital programs employ the assistance of a dedicated therapy services organization. 

How a therapy services partner can help focus quality improvement efforts 

Quality improvement efforts should focus on the key areas of increasing patient care, improving processes, working as a team and using data to gauge results. For therapy services programs, leveraging the resources, expertise and experience of a dedicated partner can help with quality improvement in the following specific ways: 

  • More efficient workflows
  • Better data collection with upgraded software
  • Expanded service offerings
  • Training and development improvements 
  • Increased compliance support 

The answer to why quality improvement is important to health care can become much clearer by implementing these changes. Your hospital program can see increased patient satisfaction, increased revenue and decreased expenses, turning your physical, occupational and speech therapy services department into a positive contributor to your organization. 

Experience the Alliance difference for quality improvement in health care

Alliance Physical Therapy has spent decades in the therapy services sector. We’ve helped hospitals across the United States make the quality improvements they need to give their patients the level of care they deserve. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your facility, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you schedule an in-depth assessment to help you identify your top areas for quality improvement.

Hospital process improvement .....

Four ways to help hospital process improvement with a physical therapy partner

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With the rapidly changing nature of health care today, it’s easy for hospitals to lose sight of the fundamentals. As a hospital executive, it likely feels like you have to do more with less each year, so focusing on basic improvements can make a huge difference. This is why hospital process improvement has become such a buzzword in recent years. 

Along with core service lines, your physical therapy program should not be left out of any efforts to streamline your workflows and increase efficiency. Facilities may struggle in this area due to a lack of dedicated experience, which is where a physical therapy partner can come in. By turning to an organization with an exclusive focus in this discipline, you can make major strides in your hospital process improvement efforts. 

Drive hospital process improvements in physical therapy that drive results

A combination of factors, including staff turnover, outdated systems and many others, can lead to less than optimal outcomes from your physical therapy department. From declining patient satisfaction to claims denials to compliance issues, a physical therapy partner with dedicated experience and resources can help you make the following process improvements: 

  1. Updating systems — Outdated software can slow down everyone’s workday and contribute to errors. A dedicated organization can help you upgrade software and streamline workflows. 
  2. Improving compliance — Compliance in physical therapy is an intricate areathat requires specialized knowledge. As in other service lines, physical therapy compliance can save you costly fines and help you increase reimbursements. 
  3. Training and development — A well-trained staff is the key to retention, patient satisfaction and efficiency. The right partner should have a deep understanding of best practices for these processes. 
  4. Recruiting and hiring — By gaining access to top recruiting networks, your hospital can attract talent with experience and credentials you need to build a high-performing team. 

With Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, you can find an experienced team to help you with your hospital process improvement efforts in these and other areas. 

More than 50 years of dedicated experience

When you work with Alliance, you’ll find an organization that will treat you like family as we work together to identify and implement the process improvements that can help you achieve better outcomes. To learn more, we’ll be happy to schedule an in-depth assessment of your current program by our expert team. Contact us today to learn more. 

Quality improvement issues in health care .....

Quality improvement issues in health care and your physical therapy department

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Improving the overall quality of care, particularly as it pertains to patient safety, should be a top priority for any hospital leader. This is just as true for your physical therapy department as it is for any other service line. Patients recovering from any health issue that requires a hospital stay can benefit from receiving physical therapy to increase functioning and promote the body’s natural healing process. 

Ensuring positive outcomes requires addressing any gaps in quality between what your patients are actually receiving and what they should receive. Closing these gaps in physical therapy can be a challenge for many hospital administrators, especially if their background lies outside this allied health discipline. 

To ensure quality improvement issues in physical therapy are properly identified and effective action is taken, a dedicated physical therapy services organization can serve as an effective partner. 

How a physical therapy partner can help you address important quality improvement issues in health care

The right partner can assess your physical therapy department to identify quality improvement issues including: 

  • Preventable errors — Preventable errors include patients receiving the wrong treatment due to a clerical error, or therapists not being properly trained in a particular service. 
  • Workflow inefficiency — Problems such as redundant tasks, outdated systems and communication breakdowns can be a drain on productivity and patient care.
  • Compliance issues — Falling behind on regulations can result in costly fines and denied claims that increase costs and detract from your overall level of service. 

By identifying the quality improvement issues that are most affecting your physical therapy program, a partner can help you develop a strategy to properly address them. 

Work with the experienced quality improvement experts

With decades of experience and satisfied clients across the country, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help your hospital deliver the exceptional care your patients deserve. We’ll help you balance patient satisfaction, staff engagement and administrative efficiency to help your program be cost effective without sacrificing quality. 

Learn more and schedule a detailed assessment of your physical therapy program when you contact us today

Hospital physical therapy .....

Why is hospital physical therapy important for your patients?

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Patients today have more options than ever for physical therapy, including outpatient clinics and dedicated inpatient facilities. If you’re a hospital leader trying to juggle limited resources while still delivering exceptional patient care, you may even wonder if patients wouldn’t be better served by an off-site provider. However, from reducing the risk of hospital readmissions to improving patient satisfaction, hospital physical therapy is extremely important for your patients. 

No matter what patients are admitted for, from surgery to a traumatic injury, the recovery process needs to start as soon as possible. Physical therapists are absolutely essential to restoring function and mobility so patients can get back to regular activities. Receiving this care during a hospital stay helps patients start this journey as quickly as possible. 

Benefits of working with a hospital physical therapy partner

Managing a hospital physical therapy department on a cost-effective basis can come with significant challenges. These include keeping your department staff with qualified therapists, having efficient workflows, staying compliant with a rapidly changing regulatory environment and minimizing claims denials to ensure revenue cycle integrity. 

This is why many successful hospital physical therapy programs work with a dedicated partner to help administer their department. By leveraging the knowledge and resources of an organization that is focused on physical therapy, hospitals can enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Decreased costs — By eliminating the need for in-house resources, lowering the risk of costly fines and increasing efficiency, a physical therapy partner can help streamline your department.
  • Increased revenue — Through expanded service offerings, better billing procedures and increased staff productivity, administrators can see their hospital physical therapy program become a positive contributor. 
  • Improved patient experience — Patients who are cared for by a highly trained and engaged staff will report better outcomes and overall experience. 

It’s important to find a physical therapy partner that will work to understand your facility’s unique needs and provide solutions that are right-sized for your needs and budget. 

Get the hospital physical therapy support you need

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we’ve been in the industry for more than 50 years. We’ve helped hospital physical therapy departments across the United States achieve the results listed above, and we’ve done it through an individualized approach that treats our partners like family. 

To learn more about how we can help your program, contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide an in-depth assessment of your current program and needs.