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February 2020

How to Reduce Overtime in Therapy Services

Three tips to reduce overtime in your therapy services program

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Reducing overtime in health care is a significant challenge for nearly every leader with any stake in staff and scheduling management. While there are times when it is unavoidable, having your staff regularly go into overtime is a symptom of operational inefficiency due to one or more issues. There are many downsides to overtime, from the higher pay rate to an increase in employee burnout. 

This is just as true in therapy services, including physical, occupational and speech therapy, as it is for other departments. Not only does it take away funds from other areas of your budget, but it can actually take away from patient care if you have a staff that is feeling overworked. If you’re looking to reduce overtime in your therapy services program, we’re happy to share the following guide. 

Ways to reduce overtime for health care workers, including therapists

As an organization dedicated to helping hospitals improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency for therapy departments, here are some of our common recommendations: 

  1. Better communication — Sometimes repeat overtime is simply a communication problem that is based on staff, or even administrators, not being properly trained in best timekeeping practices. This can be improved through consistent communication and a focus on proper training. 
  2. Flexible scheduling practices — To avoid overtime, you need a full staff of therapists with the availabilities you need and the ability to plug holes in your schedule as they arise. The right partner will help you both overhaul your scheduling practices and recruit a talented and flexible staff. 
  3. Streamlined workflows — Overtime can happen if your therapists have to spend too much time dealing with outdated systems and redundant tasks instead of being able to focus on patients. By upgrading systems and reducing unnecessary tasks, your team can get more done in less time. 

Reducing overtime in your health care organization can be easy with the right expertise and resources. By working with a therapy services partner, your hospital can get the guidance it needs. 

Alliance has been helping hospitals for decades

We’re industry veterans, and reducing expenses through managing staff overtime is common in the industry. Our hospital partners across the United States have received the communication and support they need to streamline their operations, increase revenue, improve staff engagement and most importantly, increase patient satisfaction. Want to learn how we can help you? Contact us today to schedule an assessment of your therapy services program. 

Cost Reduction Strategies in Therapy Services

Cost reduction strategies in health care — benefits of working with a therapy services partner

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Hospital executives often find themselves under increasing cost pressures from every angle. Increased overhead, expanded service offerings, more stringent reimbursement guidelines and other factors mean staying within budget is a bigger challenge than ever before. That’s why for any facility trying to stay financially solvent, a comprehensive cost reduction strategy is essential. 

However, cutting costs should never come at the expense of quality patient care and outcomes. Instead, cost reduction strategies in health care should be based on increasing efficiency and productivity while reducing unnecessary expenses. By doing this properly, hospitals can put themselves in a position of greater financial stability while actually increasing patient satisfaction and outcomes. 

How a partner can help reduce costs for your therapy services program

One area where many health care leaders seek a cost reduction strategy is in therapy services, including physical, occupational and speech therapy. These service lines are absolutely essential for helping improve patient care during a hospital stay, but they come with a unique series of operational challenges and associated costs. Like other areas of care, cutting service levels can lead to a downward spiral for both staff and patients that could potentially increase costs in the long run. 

That’s where an independent therapy services partner can help. By working with a dedicated organization with deep experience in this field, you can receive practical guidance to help reduce costs while improving your productivity and level of care. Benefits include: 

  • Streamlined workflows
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Increased revenue 
  • Better regulatory compliance and reduced exposure to fines
  • Elimination of unnecessary expenses

The right partner can identify and assess the unique needs of your hospital to help you develop a cost reduction strategy that’s right for you. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners — proven cost reduction experience

Hospitals that work with Alliance find a partner with more than 50 years of experience in the therapy services sector. We believe that building solid relationships and developing individualized solutions is the key to long-term success. Want to learn more about how we can help you lower your costs while keeping your patients firmly at the center of care? Contact us today. We’ll be happy to schedule an assessment of your current program with our team of experts. 

Hospital Compliance With Deborah Lakin | Podcast | Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

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Upcoming podcast — A Hospital Compliance Conversation with Deborah Lakin

If you’re a hospital leader with any stake in your facility’s therapy services program, then you probably have an understanding of the huge role that compliance plays in its success. While this is true of all service lines, it can be particularly challenging for therapy services, including physical, occupational and speech therapy, due to the unique regulations and operational requirements involved. To better navigate these waters, hospitals can benefit from leveraging the knowledge and experience of experts in the field.

That’s why we’re excited to share that one of Alliance Physical Therapy Partners’ dedicated leaders will be appearing on the Rural Health Leadership Radio podcast hosted by Bill Auxier on February 25, 2020. The wide-ranging conversation will cover topics important to the regulatory landscape for hospitals in the upcoming year with a specific focus on the needs of facilities in rural areas.

About Deborah and her hospital compliance expertise

Deborah Lakin is an occupational therapist who started her career in the Veterans Administration system. Currently, she is vice president of hospital contracts for Alliance Physical Therapy Partners. Deborah is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Business Administration from Webster University, in St. Louis, Missouri. She is proud of her more than 17 years of hospital rehabilitation leadership experience at various hospitals across the country, including critical access hospitals. Deborah has demonstrated success managing both rehabilitation and ancillary services.

Topics you can expect to hear discussed in depth in this interview include:

  • Hospital compliance and best practices for success
  • Choosing rural health care as a focus
  • Definitions of leadership and the need for a people-centric approach
  • How occupational therapy fits into the overall therapy services field
  • How an organization like Alliance can assess the needs of hospital therapy programs and provide custom-tailored solutions

For any hospital, from urban to rural, the information contained in this informative and friendly discussion can be a great first step on your journey to compliance success this year.

Learn more about how Alliance can work for you

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has helped hospitals of all kinds across the country achieve success and positive outcomes with their therapy services programs. With more than 50 years of industry experience, we can work closely with you to understand and identify your unique needs and opportunities and develop a fully customized action plan.

To learn more, contact us today. We’ll help you schedule an in-depth assessment of your program with one of our experts.

Compliance Updates for Therapy in 2020 | Webinar | Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

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In today’s regulatory environment, ensuring that your hospital’s therapy services program stays compliant is more important than ever. In addition to helping you avoid costly penalties and fines, having a strong focus on compliance can improve staff morale, departmental communication, productivity and your reputation in the industry. However, in this highly specialized field, many hospitals are encountering new and unforeseen hurdles to staying fully compliant.

This is where the expertise and resources of an organization with a dedicated focus on compliance in the therapy field can step in. Alliance Physical Therapy Partners will be holding a live webinar in association with the National Rural Health Association (NRHA) on Wednesday, February 12, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. CST. By attending this webinar, you’ll be able to gain key insights into the most important compliance updates for therapy in 2020.

What you need to know to stay compliant in 2020

This webinar will be hosted by Deborah Lakin, OT/L, MBA, Vice President of Hospital Contracts, Tiffany Warden, CPC, CPCO, Clinical Compliance Officer, and Christa Bringas, PT, Auditing and Education Manager for Alliance. The execution of compliance strategies and clinical expertise will further assist hospitals to maintain a strong operational foundation.

As we explore what you’ll need to know for the upcoming year, our compliance experts will be covering these important topics:

  • The need for proprietary EMR systems built to regulatory standards
  • Unit calculation updates
  • Training and education components for 2020
  • Policies and procedures you need to know
  • Accreditation maintenance and finding a partner you can trust

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has the expertise and experience your program needs

Staying ahead of the compliance curve is not something you need to do alone as a hospital executive. Alliance Physical Therapy Partners brings more than 50 years of industry-leading expertise to the table. We believe in developing strong relationships and treating our partners like family. When you view our webinar, we hope you’ll not only get the information you need but also gain an understanding of the warmth and friendliness that helps set Alliance apart. You can learn more about attending and viewing this webinar here.

We also welcome you to contact us at any time to learn more about the solutions we can provide and how to schedule an assessment of your current program.