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Physical therapy for small hospitals — how contract services can help

By | Contract Therapy

More than any other type of facility, small hospitals face numerous obstacles to delivering high quality physical therapy services. With smaller management teams, smaller staff and less resources, it can be a struggle to maintain proper staffing levels, manage performance, accurately document services and stay on top of advances in the industry. This is especially true of critical access facilities that are subsidized to serve rural and remote areas. 

However, patients who come to small hospitals for care are just as deserving of physical therapy and rehabilitation services as those who go to larger facilities. What’s more, a successful physical therapy program can be a contributor to patient satisfaction and revenue for your facility. One solution that a high number of small hospitals turn to is using contract therapy services from a dedicated physical therapy organization. 

Contract physical therapy for small hospitals

When seeking high quality physical therapy for small hospitals, administrators who work with contract therapy providers can leverage the larger-scale knowledge and resources of this organization to develop an effective program that meets their budget. Here are some of the potential benefits that contract physical therapy can offer a small hospital: 

  • Recruiting, hiring and staffing support
  • Performance management with proven systems of work
  • Increased compliance strength for accurate billing and revenue growth
  • Assistance with program growth, marketing and interfacing with staff for continuity of care

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we work with hospitals across the country, including small hospitals and critical access facilities, to deliver an exceptional package of contract physical therapy services that can meet a wide range of operational and budgetary needs. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help hospitals small and large

If you’re a small hospital looking to develop or grow your physical therapy offerings, Alliance can help. We offer turnkey solutions for recruiting, personnel management, regulatory compliance, marketing and strategic growth that can be scaled to the exact needs of your facility. 

We’re also proud to offer a rehab performance management software that is industry-specific and designed to work with all major health information systems. This proprietary tool creates efficiencies with documentation, reduces denials and improves productivity. 

To learn more, contact Alliance today. Our team is happy to provide an assessment of your current program so we can better determine the right services for your needs. 

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What services can be included in a physical therapy contract?

By | Contract Therapy

Providing physical therapy services for patients during their hospital stay is an essential part of care, but some facilities require assistance. Managing physical therapy and rehabilitation departments have their own unique requirements compared to core service lines. Many hospital administrators find themselves struggling to successfully run a unit that meets patient’s needs while also staying within budgetary and operational constraints. 

By entering into a physical therapy contract with an organization that specializes exclusively in providing these services, hospitals can utilize their knowledge and experience to provide exceptional physical therapy on a cost-effective basis. 

Physical therapy contract services

The specific services that can be included in a physical therapy contract depend on the needs of the facility and the scope of the physical therapy provider. Here are a few examples of areas where physical therapy contract services can help:


  • Staffing support — Recruiting and hiring qualified therapists can be a challenge, especially for small and remote facilities. Contract physical therapy can help with access to recruiting networks. 
  • Compliance assistance — Like other disciplines, physical therapy has constant regulatory updates that departments must stay updated on. Physical therapy contracts can include proven systems that help ensure accurate documentation of services performed. 
  • Strategic planning — Physical therapy units need to stay growth-oriented and offer the latest practices in order to stay competitive in a marketplace that includes more and more private practice clinics. A contract therapy service has the expertise to help. 


With more than 50 years of experience in the physical therapy field and satisfied hospital partners across the country, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can provide the contract services you need. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is a leader in contract services

With proprietary software that is compatible with all major EMR systems and a recruiting network that gives access to top-level talent, physical therapy contracts with Alliance can offer your hospital the tools it needs to succeed. We’re passionate about building true partnerships with our clients that provide the services you need to help you grow while staying within your budget and administrative needs. 

Contact us today to learn more. We’re glad to perform an assessment of your current physical therapy services to better assist you.

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How physical therapy consulting services can work for you

By | Physical Therapy Consulting Services

We recognize the challenges that hospitals face in providing the physical therapy and rehabilitation services that patients need while having to navigate the many administrative challenges that come with managing an onsite program. In the modern health care environment, expectations for care seem to grow every year while the resources needed to meet them can feel like they’re becoming more scarce. Every year, it seems hospitals are being asked to do more with less, from flagship facilities in large markets to critical access hospitals in rural areas. 

This is where physical therapy consulting services can help. A physical therapy consultant can bring industry-specific expertise and strategic insight to the table in order to streamline and improve the physical therapy services in your facility. By implementing these changes, many hospitals are able to develop successful therapy programs that improve patient satisfaction while increasing compliance and revenue growth. 

Specific areas where physical therapy consulting services can help

Physical therapy consultants can help your hospital in the following ways: 

  • Reducing labor costs — A consultant can help reduce the administrative burden and streamline managerial needs that come with running a physical therapy program. 
  • Developing programs — A consultant can identify new service offerings that can help increase revenues and improve patient experience. 
  • Strategic planning — A physical therapy consultant can help your administration grow market share and increase patient access on an annual basis. 
  • Compliance strength — By having specialized industry knowledge, a consultant can help you identify and implement best practices to improve accuracy and reimbursements. 

Along with professionalism and expertise, the most important thing to look for in physical therapy consulting services is an organization that can be a true and committed partner. At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we are consultants with decades of experience building highly personalized and successful relationships with hospitals.

What our partners are saying about our physical therapy consulting services

Here’s what just one of our satisfied partners had to say about our services: 

“Alliance partnered with Tahoe Forest Hospital District beginning in 2016 when the District was transitioning providers. We have had nothing but great success with our Alliance partner that has been evidenced by growth, excellent services and commitment to quality. They are a value-add to our organization and have values that are consistent with the District.”

– Karen Baffone, CNO, Executive Director Post-Acute Services and Population Health, Tahoe Forest Hospital District 

Contact us today to learn more. We’re happy to provide an assessment of your current programs and physical therapy needs to better determine how we can help.

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Should you outsource postoperative rehab?

By | Outsourced Post-Op Rehab

No matter what the specific procedure or purpose is, surgery is a highly invasive form of treatment that requires a significant healing and recovery period. One of the best ways to ensure a positive outcome and a return to daily activities for patients is to begin the postoperative rehabilitation process as soon as possible after the procedure. 

For hospitals performing inpatient surgery, this generally means having a physical therapy and rehabilitation program on site. This allows for better interfacing between therapists and other medical staff to offer a better patient experience that can potentially be reflected in higher satisfaction scores and reduced readmissions. 

Postoperative rehab challenges and outsourcing as a solution

The challenge that many hospitals face, especially smaller facilities with limited budgets, is that providing postoperative rehabilitation on site is very difficult to do on a cost-effective basis. Some hospitals may even think it is easier to refer patients to an off-site facility to begin the rehabilitation process. Common hurdles that hospitals face in delivering postoperative rehab include: 

  • Hiring qualified and credentialed therapists
  • Staying up-to-date with best practices and regulatory changes
  • Strategic planning and training to offer new therapy programs to patients
  • Performance management 
  • Marketing services to patients 
  • Maximizing revenue streams with proper documentation and coding

Managing a postoperative rehab unit can be an administrative burden for hospitals that are already thin on resources for their core service lines. This is where outsourcing postoperative rehab and other therapy services can be highly beneficial. Outsourcing organizations, or contract therapy providers, can focus completely on delivering an exceptional level of care to patients that hospitals can outsource on a scale that fits their operational and budgetary needs. 

Alliance — your postoperative rehab outsourcing partner

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is proud to be able to help hospitals of all sizes and in all locations meet the needs of their patients while achieving their performance benchmarks. We are a national leader in the contract therapy field and have satisfied partners across the United States that we’ve been helping for decades. Working with us offers your facility top-level expertise, proven systems of work, unparalleled compliance support and access to a high-performing recruiting network. 

To learn more about how we can help you achieve your postoperative rehab goals, contact us today. We can perform an assessment of your current therapy program and your potential service needs. 

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What are the benefits of outsourced occupational therapy?

By | Occupational Therapy Management

Most hospitals recognize the importance of providing occupational therapy to patients under their care. After experiencing a serious injury or recovering from surgery, patients need to begin their journey back to normal activity as soon as possible. Having an occupational therapy unit on site allows for a continuity of care that gets patients learning the skills they need from day one. 

The challenge for many hospitals is that there are many unique administrative requirements that come with managing therapeutic services such as occupational therapy. From recruiting and staffing to remaining compliant with specialized regulations, hospital leaders dealing with limited budgets and resources have to face either compromising the level of service or not providing occupational therapy to patients. 

How outsourcing occupational therapy can be a cost effective solution

This is why hospitals are increasingly turning to outsourced occupational therapy services with  contract providers. A dedicated organization can provide a larger scale of expertise and resources that hospitals can leverage. By outsourcing occupational therapy, hospitals can gain the following benefits:

  • Less administrative overhead
  • Access to recruiting and talent networks
  • Industry-specific knowledge on best practices
  • Compliance and billing support for increased revenue

Working with a contract therapy services provider means your hospital administration is able to focus more on your core service lines without sacrificing the quality of this essential step in the recovery process. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners provides occupational therapy outsourcing

Alliance is a leader in the contract therapy services sector and we have over 50 years of experience in this field. We can help you achieve a high level of care in occupational therapy that is in line with the size of your facility and your budgetary needs. To achieve this, Alliance brings the resources and knowledge to develop therapy programs that align with your medical practices and meet the needs of your community and patients. We also offer our partners proprietary workflow and EMR systems as well as access to top talent in the occupational therapy field. 

To learn more, contact us today. Our team can provide an assessment of your current programs and recommendations about which of our services can help your facility. 


Back in Motion Announces Clinic Move To Serve Newport, Maine

By | Press Releases

Newport, ME – June 5, 2019 – Back in Motion Physical Therapy (, a leading provider of physical therapy that benefits patients and healthcare providers, is pleased to announce that it has moved to a new outpatient rehabilitation clinic in Newport, Maine. Due to the convenient location, large rehabilitation space, and upgraded therapeutic equipment, the Newport clinic is anticipated to be one of Back in Motion’s busiest locations. The clinic offers complimentary pain consultations with immediate availability and same day or next day appointments for patients.

“Back in Motion is delighted to offer our patients a brand-new clinic with upgraded equipment,” said Michel Brunet, Back in Motion’s Co-Founder. “The new clinic is opening in response to a high demand from patients and physicians for our outstanding patient service and exceptional clinical outcomes.”

With the new space, Back in Motion has also added two new Physical Therapists to the practice. Simon Sjostedt, DPT has been named the new Clinic Director and brings many years of experience in orthopedic outpatient care. Simon received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Husson University and has completed various trainings in strain and counterstrain techniques. He decided to pursue a career as a Physical Therapist because he enjoys helping people improve and recover from injuries. He says, “It’s always great working with patients to help get them better than they were before injury.” Additionally, Back in Motion has added Debbie Six, PT to the practice. Debbie received her Bachelor of Science from the University of New England and has pursued continuing education courses in craniosacral integration for spinal pain, kinesiotaping, and women’s health. She is also a licensed massage therapist. Debbie says that she is “excited to provide PT services in my backyard and to help patients reach their goals and enhance their quality of life.”

The new clinic is in the Triangle Plaza at Four Main Street Newport, Maine, right off I-95, filling a geographical gap in the greater Bangor service area. Join the Back in Motion team for an open house of the new space on July 10th from 4-6pm for fun activities, staff meet and greet and an ice cream sundae bar!

Including the move to the Newport location, Back in Motion operates five outpatient clinics in partnership with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners.


About Alliance Physical Therapy Partners LLC

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is an affiliate of Alliance PTP* focused on acquiring private physical therapy practices across the U.S. to provide practice owners the opportunity to expand their footprint while receiving operational guidance and financial support. The Alliance Physical Therapy Partners team includes former private practice owners, direct marketing professionals and operations experts who have experience running and growing successful healthcare organizations. For more information, visit

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Occupational therapy management assistance

By | Occupational Therapy Management

By helping your patients learn, or relearn, the skills they need to perform the activities of daily life, occupational therapists have a critical role in the rehabilitation process. Whether someone is recovering from a heart attack, stroke, automobile accident or other serious injury, the sooner that occupational therapy can begin, the better. 

That’s why hospitals recognize the need to deliver occupational therapy in-house while patients are still under their care. Although it is such an important service line, there are a few significant occupational therapy management obstacles that many hospitals are challenged to overcome.

One cost-effective solution to more efficient management is partnering with a contract therapy provider. By leveraging the resources and expertise of a specialized organization, your hospital can improve its occupational therapy program. 

How contract therapy can help your occupational therapy management

Managing an occupational therapy unit in a hospital typically brings the following requirements with it: 

  • Recruiting and hiring qualified and properly credentialed therapists.
  • Staying compliant with changing regulatory requirements.
  • Properly documenting and coding services to ensure full reimbursement
  • Managing performance and ongoing training
  • Communicating with other departments to ensure continuity of care
  • Strategic planning and marketing 

The fact of the matter is that even the largest and most well-funded hospitals can have difficulty achieving these and other requirements for managing an occupational therapy program. By turning to a partner with specialized knowledge and industry expertise, hospitals, particularly smaller and/or more remotely located facilities, can get access to the solutions they need on a cost-effective basis. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners  

We’ve been helping hospitals across the United States deliver the exceptional care their patients deserve with services that are backed by over 50 years of experience in the physical therapy and occupational therapy sectors. Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can offer you strategic guidance, fully tested systems of work, marketing support, recruiting resources and proprietary software to help you better manage your occupational therapy unit. We’re committed to individualized partnerships and helping you find the right level of support for your unique needs and budget. 

To better determine how we can assist you, we can perform a full assessment of your current therapy program. Contact us today to learn more. 

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What is contract therapy?

By | Contract Therapy

Contract therapy, also known as outsourced therapy, is a service where a hospital or other facility can work with a dedicated therapy provider on a contractual basis. The type and scope of services provided can vary widely, based on the needs of the hospital and the specific contract therapy organization. 

Specific service lines can include both physical therapy and rehabilitation as well as occupational and speech therapies. Contract therapy providers can help hospitals with all aspects of therapy as well, from strategic planning, staffing support, performance management, marketing strategy and compliance assistance. 

Why do hospitals work with contract therapy services?

Running a physical therapy and rehabilitation unit in a hospital requires specific expertise and resources. Many hospitals, particularly critical access facilities in rural areas, struggle to provide this integral part of patient care on a cost-effective basis. From keeping the unit properly staffed with qualified therapists to charting services correctly to comply with regulations and receive full reimbursement, hospital leadership can become overwhelmed with meeting these requirements.   

By working with the right contract therapy service, hospitals can receive practical guidance for achieving the following goals:

  • Higher patient satisfaction 
  • Access to qualified talent
  • Cost savings through decreased administrative overhead
  • Increased revenue
  • Expanded service offerings 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has decades of experience and results helping hospitals achieve these and other goals with contract therapy. 

Contract therapy with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

We offer our partners turnkey solutions including proven workflow systems, proprietary software that interfaces with all major EMR platforms and industry-leading strategic expertise. 

Here is what just one of our satisfied partners had to say: 

“Alliance Physical Therapy Partners has been our rehab provider for over 25 years. During that time, our program has seen exceptional growth, good cost management and excellent leadership. Alliance’s service is priceless when it comes to quality and the added value they bring to our program. Alliance is committed to the success of our rehab program.”

– Stephanie Riemer-Matusak, CEO, Mercy Hospital Grayling

If you’d like to learn more and receive an assessment of your current therapy services, please contact us today.