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Cost Benefits of Contract Physical Therapy .....

Cost benefits of contract therapy services for your hospital

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The reality for so many hospitals today is that it’s harder than ever to balance tight budgets with delivering quality patient care. Leadership and medical staff are being tasked with doing a little more with a little less every year, and one area that can be easily overlooked is physical therapy and rehabilitation. However, providing this service to patients in the recovery phase is essential and can have a significant impact on patient experience and positive outcomes.

One solution that many hospitals turn to is outsourcing their physical therapy and rehabilitation services to a contract therapy provider. In addition to helping overcome many of the strategic and administrative hurdles that hospitals can encounter when running a physical therapy unit, it can also provide several key cost benefits.

What are the primary cost benefits of contract therapy services?

Partnering with a high-quality physical therapy provider can offer the following financial benefits to your hospital:

  • Reduced labor costs — Managing a physical therapy unit can be extremely costly in terms of labor hours for your facility. By leveraging the expertise of a specialized organization, you can reduce the need for in-house administrative and management positions.
  • Increased reimbursements — Physical therapy and rehabilitation has unique regulatory and billing requirements. Contract therapy services providers have the knowledge to properly document care and submit claims to payers to maximize reimbursement for your hospital.
  • Decreased readmissions — Avoidable patient readmissions within 30 days can lead to costly penalties for your facility, particularly from Medicare and Medicaid. One of the best ways to reduce your readmission rate is to ensure that your patients are receiving the physical therapy and rehabilitation care they need. If your facility is struggling to meet these standards on a cost-effective basis, a contract therapy services provider can potentially help.

To give your hospital the best chance of achieving these cost savings, you should partner with the best contract therapy partner you can find.

Finding a contract therapy partner you can trust

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners brings decades of experience in helping hospitals streamline their therapy services while achieving a high level of patient experience and care. We do this by offering our partners proven systems of work, proprietary practice management programs and access to recruiting and hiring top physical therapy talent.

Contact us to learn more about the cost benefits we can offer and for an assessment of your current physical therapy program.  

Contract Post-Operative Rehabilitation .....

Could your hospital benefit from contract post-operative rehabilitation?

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When patients come out of surgery, it’s important to begin the rehabilitation process as soon as possible. Doing this ensures a better chance of a full and speedy recovery. Providing inpatient post-operative rehabilitation helps get blood circulating and can jumpstart the healing process from a wide range of procedures. 

Many hospitals today are struggling to provide this crucial service due to the unique needs that come with managing a therapy and rehabilitation program. This is why contract post-operative rehabilitation is becoming an increasingly popular solution for hospitals looking to deliver top-tier service to their patients. 

To help decide if contract services could work for your facility, we’re providing a guide with some of the common signs to look for. 

Signs that your hospital needs contract rehabilitation services

Hospitals that turn to contract post-operative rehabilitation often face these challenges:

  • Are smaller-sized or remotely located — Smaller facilities and/or those in rural areas can face limited budgets and smaller talent pools that make it especially difficult to provide high-quality therapy and rehabilitation to patients. 
  • Have compliance opportunities — Inpatient rehabilitation programs in hospitals have distinct requirements for staying compliant with regulations and best practices. Hospital leadership teams that are more focused on core service lines can struggle to meet these requirements for rehabilitation departments. 
  • Have difficulty recruiting the right talent — Physical therapists are in more demand than ever before and this can be even more true for qualified post-operative rehabilitation specialists. Finding credentialed and experienced therapists with the right approach to patient care is a hurdle that many hospital recruiters face. 

By partnering with the right contract post-operative rehabilitation services provider, you can receive practical solutions to these problems if any or all of them apply to your hospital. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners provides high-quality contract services

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners wants to help you meet your therapy and rehabilitation needs. We believe in fully collaborative relationships with the goal of improving patient satisfaction, clinical performance and financial contribution from your therapy program. 

Alliance can provide recruiting assistance, proven systems of work and proprietary management software that is compatible with all major electronic medical records systems. To learn more about our solutions for contract post-operative rehabilitation, contact us today and ask for an assessment of your current offerings. 

Acute care physical therapy .....

Advantages of outsourcing post-operative rehabilitation

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For patients recovering from surgical procedures, receiving post-operative rehabilitation, or rehab, from a qualified physical therapist can have a positive impact on the outcome. For any type of surgery, from a heart procedure to foot surgery, physical therapy and rehab is critical to helping patients regain basic functioning and making a full recovery. 

However, it is also an area where a large number of hospitals struggle to provide a high level of service that scales with their administrative resources and budget. Post-operative rehab, and physical therapy as a whole, is a highly specialized discipline that requires specific oversights for hiring, training, charting and coding, complying with regulations and auditing, just to name a few. 

In an era of tightening budgets, increasing patient admissions and higher expectations for patient satisfaction, a solution that many hospitals are turning to is outsourcing their post-operative rehab services to a dedicated contract services provider. To help you decide if this is the right choice for your facility, here is an overview of the primary advantages to outsourcing. 

What outsourced post-operative rehab can offer your hospital

Partnering with a contract therapy provider gives you the ability to leverage the knowledge and expertise of a larger, specialized organization. This means:

  • Staffing support — Contract therapy providers have resources to help you find therapists with the right credentials and experience for delivering quality post-operative rehab. 
  • Performance management solutions — From training, to systems of work, to compliance, outsourcing your post-operative rehab means a partner to help you increase efficiency.
  • Strategic and marketing partnership — To help you grow at the right pace, an outsourcing partner should have the know-how to keep you up-to-date with advances in the field and provide assistance with increasing public awareness of your offerings. 

Finding the right partner can help you increase patient satisfaction for your post-operative patients while decreasing costly administrative hurdles, including unnecessary readmissions. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can be your post-operative rehab partner

If your hospital is considering the benefits of outsourced post-operative rehab, contact the team at Alliance to learn more. We are industry leaders with proven systems of work and more than 50 years helping hospitals across the country grow their therapy programs. We can assess your current therapy program and help you develop solutions that are the best fit for your facility.

Outsourcing Occupational Therapy .....

Occupational therapy — should you outsource?

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For hospital patients recovering from any number of illnesses, injuries or conditions, special care is often required to help a patient return to normal activities. For example, if someone is permanently or temporarily disabled due to an automobile accident, they will need to be retrained to be able to perform basic functions such as bathing or driving a car. 

This is where an occupational therapist comes in. Occupational therapy is a field that helps people develop, recover or maintain the basic functions and tasks of everyday life. This is a highly specialized discipline that is an essential step in the recovery process for many patients dealing with impaired functioning and mobility. 

For many hospitals, providing occupational therapy on a cost-effective basis is difficult. One solution is using an outsourced occupational therapy provider with the expertise to help hospitals overcome the operational challenges that come with this service line.  

Advantages of outsourcing occupational therapy services

As a specialized discipline, occupational therapy has its own requirements for licensing and accreditation, regulatory compliance, coding and billing. Managing an occupational therapy program can mean a significant investment in time and resources for hospital administrators who may already feel stretched thin properly overseeing other departments. 

A contract occupational therapy partner can bring the following advantages and resources to the table:

  • A knowledgeable compliance team
  • Resources and systems for documentation, coding and billing 
  • Workflow, training and performance management support
  • Expertise for strategic planning and expansion of service offerings

It’s important to remember that outsourcing occupational therapy successfully requires a true partner who will help you build or restructure a program that is right for the needs of your hospital. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is proud to have more than 50 years of experience building collaborative partnerships with hospitals across the United States. We offer solutions that are custom-designed for the budgetary and operational needs of our partners. 

To learn more about how we can help you, please contact our team today. We are glad to assess your current therapy programs and provide recommendations for services that meet your needs.

Physical Therapy for Small Hospitals .....

How small hospitals can provide high-quality physical therapy

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For small hospitals, especially those in rural or remote areas, it can be extremely challenging to manage a physical therapy and rehabilitation department. Inpatient physical therapy has unique operational needs that don’t always scale with the budget, resources and talent pool available to these smaller facilities. 

Yet the patients staying at these hospitals need to receive this critical piece of the recovery process just as much as the patients in larger big-city hospitals. Fortunately, there is a solution that doesn’t involve referring patients to offsite care or shouldering other members of your medical staff with certain aspects of rehabilitative care that they might not be properly trained for. 

By outsourcing physical therapy services to a contract provider, small hospitals can deliver the level of care their patients deserve on a budget that scales with the rest of their operational needs. 

Contract physical therapy for small hospitals

Small hospitals often have an abundance of administrative hurdles to deal with for their core service lines in terms of staffing, equipment, compliance and documentation. As a result, physical therapy and rehabilitation can often feel like an afterthought. Managing a physical therapy department requires specialized administrative knowledge and leadership that can stretch a smaller staff thinner than it already is. 

The primary advantage of outsourcing physical therapy is that it allows a small facility to tap into the resources and expertise of a larger organization that is wholly focused on this discipline. Doing so allows any sized hospital to provide top-tier service that is in line with their operations and budget. 

Here are the benefits that contract therapy services can offer smaller hospitals:

  • Improved patient satisfaction — Outsourcing to a company with a singular focus on physical therapy leads to improved quality of care. 
  • Reduced labor costs — Partnering with a contract provider frees up administrative hours that can be more efficiently used elsewhere. 
  • Compliance strength — Outsourced physical therapy management has the know-how to keep up with regulatory changes and can provide tested systems for documenting care. 

The right contract physical therapy partner can help your small hospital develop a physical therapy program that contributes to the success of your facility in both patient outcomes and operational efficiencies. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners helps hospitals of all sizes

The dedicated experts at Alliance Physical Therapy Partners have decades of experience in helping small hospitals, large hospitals and every size in between streamline and improve their physical therapy offerings. We provide recruiting support to attract the best talent, workflow systems that have been tested and refined for years and proprietary rehabilitation management software that interfaces with all major electronic medical records systems. 

If you’re a small hospital looking to provide the best physical therapy services for your patients, we want to help. Contact us today to learn more. We can provide an assessment of your current therapy program and provide right-sized service recommendations for you.

Main Parts of a Contract Physical Therapy Program .....

What are the main parts of a contract physical therapy program?

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A contract physical therapy program can help hospitals build top-tier physical therapy and rehabilitation units that are in line with the full spectrum of budgetary needs. Hospitals exploring the possibility of working with a contract provider often have questions about what kind of services these organizations provide.

To provide a clearer picture, we’ve created this easy-to-understand overview of commonly included services in a contract physical therapy program.

Contract physical therapy programs should include these components

When working with a contract physical therapy provider, hospitals should expect to receive the following services:

  • Assessment of current physical therapy program
  • Access to a recruiting network for talented physical therapists
  • Turnkey solutions for delivering and documenting the care received
  • Compliance support to stay aligned with new regulations and maximize reimbursements
  • Program development assistance to identify new offerings and other opportunities
  • Marketing support to help develop a growth-oriented program

Selecting the right contract physical therapy program for your department means working with true experts in the field that can keep you updated with the latest developments in the industry. You should be looking to build a long-term partnership with a provider who can help your program grow, in terms of both patient satisfaction and financial contribution, on a year-over-year basis. 

Trust Alliance Physical Therapy Partners for your contract therapy program

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is one of the industry leaders for creating contract physical therapy programs to help hospitals be more efficient, offer more services and increase revenue while lowering the associated operational overhead. Our primary goal is to create a partnership that keeps patients at the center of care while meeting the hospital’s operational and budgetary needs. 

We build winning physical therapy programs with our partners by providing the above components that are backed by more than 50 years of experience helping patients and hospitals alike. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Alliance custom-tailors our contract physical therapy programs to the exact needs of each hospital that works with us. Contact us today for more information on how we can help. Our experts will gladly assess the needs of your current program so we can provide practical solutions. 

Contract Physical Therapy .....

Contract physical therapy — overview and benefits

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Hospitals that need assistance managing a physical therapy and rehabilitation program can work with a contract physical therapy provider. Patients staying at a hospital have a wide range of rehabilitative needs during the recovery phase. Providing these services on an inpatient basis can help improve patient outcomes while also increasing revenue. 

Managing a physical therapy and rehabilitation unit comes with many operational challenges that are difficult for some hospitals to meet with their internal staff and resources. This includes meeting staffing and equipment needs, staying compliant with industry regulations, performance management, strategic planning and marketing, just to name a few. 

If you’re a hospital administrator, leader or executive who is exploring the possibility of working with a contract physical therapy services provider, the following quick guide can help you understand the benefits that one of these partners can offer.  

What are the benefits of contract physical therapy?

By working with a contract physical therapy organization, hospitals can leverage the experience and knowledge base of a provider that is solely dedicated to providing physical therapy. This allows smaller-sized hospitals to have a state-of-the-art physical therapy program on a budget that fits their scale. 

Here are some of the tangible benefits to outsourcing physical therapy on a contract basis:

  • Staffing support — A contract partner can help you with added resources for recruiting the best talent.
  • Workflow efficiency — An experienced physical therapy partner should bring functional and tested work systems with them as well as performance management support. 
  • Strategic partnership — Your partner can also help you identify opportunities to grow your offerings and keep you informed of the latest advances in the field. 

A reputable contract services provider can work with you to create a high-performing physical therapy unit that helps you achieve higher patient satisfaction, decreased costs and increased revenue. 

Contract services with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we bring decades of experience with partners across the United States to the table. No matter what size your facility is, we can help you identify your biggest opportunities and build a program that is custom-designed for your needs. 

Our contract physical therapy solutions include staffing, performance improvement, marketing analysis and program development. We’ve also developed a custom software solution created by and for clinicians that is designed to integrate with all major electronic medical records systems. 

Contact us for an assessment of your physical therapy program and to learn more about how we can help.

Why Hospitals Use Physical Therapy Outsourcing .....

Why more hospitals are turning to physical therapy outsourcing

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Physical therapy outsourcing is a solution for hospitals who are looking for assistance managing their inpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation services for patients in the recovery process. 

Administering quality physical therapy on site can help with patient outcomes and satisfaction, while also helping your facility meet operational needs. However, managing an inpatient physical therapy department comes with a number of challenges that many hospitals find increasingly difficult to overcome. 

By outsourcing physical therapy management to a dedicated and experienced partner, hospital administrators are able to free up valuable time and resources to refocus on other core service lines to deliver a better patient experience. The following overview of the primary factors that are leading hospitals to partner with a contract services provider can help you decide if this is a solution that may be right for you. 

A changing health care landscape

Physical therapy is becoming more important for hospitals to provide than ever before. Patient populations are becoming larger, while also growing older. Older patients have increased rehabilitative needs, regardless of the reason for admission. Whether an elderly person is receiving inpatient care while recovering from a stroke, heart attack, surgery or other reason, receiving physical therapy often correlates to better outcomes and a lower chance of costly readmission.  

People also have higher standards for receiving quality care than they ever have before. Patients want to be discharged in a shorter period of time and have a higher degree of functioning so they can return to their normal lifestyle. Having onsite physical therapists can contribute to faster recoveries and more satisfied patients in a wide range of cases. 

In this changing environment with a higher demand than ever for physical therapy and rehabilitation services, many hospitals are feeling stretched thin to provide quality care in proportion to their budget. 

Tightening budgets

With increased costs, more regulations and higher hurdles to receiving full reimbursements from payers, hospital leadership is increasingly walking a tightrope between staying solvent and providing the level of services that patients require. The unique management requirements of physical therapy can make it difficult to scale with the budgetary needs of many hospitals, especially smaller or more remote facilities. 

Physical therapy and rehabilitation units are unfortunately often one of the first departments to be on the chopping block when it’s time to trim the budget. This can lead to a situation where patients are being referred to offsite physical therapy providers and/or asking other medical staff to provide certain rehabilitative services they may not be qualified for.  

The good news is that outsourcing physical therapy can be a very cost-effective solution that provides a wide array of benefits, both in terms of reducing unwanted costs and potentially increasing revenue. 

A wide array of cost benefits

A properly run physical therapy unit can be a source of revenue and a fiscal contributor to your hospital’s budget. Patients who receive physical therapy are less likely to need the unnecessary readmissions that result in costly penalties from payers. Outsourcing your physical therapy can not only better ensure that your patients have received a full course of rehabilitative care upon discharge, but it can also help you reduce labor costs that were tied up trying to manage a physical therapy program in house. 

As a billable service, physical therapy and rehabilitation should be a significant source of revenue, but improper documentation can result in denied claims, delayed claims and reduced reimbursement rates. An experienced physical therapy partner can help you put the right systems in place to ensure that you receive the correct payments for the care being performed. 

Access to top talent

Trying to recruit credentialed physical therapists with the right mix of education and experience for your needs is yet another challenge faced by hospitals. In small markets, recruiting resources can be depleted trying to pull in the best surgeons and physicians while other supporting medical staff are overlooked. 

By outsourcing, these hospitals can gain access to networks of qualified physical therapists at all levels of education and background. A contract physical therapy provider can also have a deeper knowledge base about the type of experience needed, questions to ask and potential red flags to look out for in the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Services has more than 50 years of experience in this field

Alliance Physical Therapy is an industry leader in providing physical therapy outsourcing services to help hospitals meet their program needs. We provide top-quality staffing solutions, proprietary management software that interfaces with all major electronic medical records systems, strategic planning and compliance expertise.  

With hospital and health system partners across the country, we are making a difference by providing top-tier physical therapy outsourcing services to the facilities we work with. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today. We can provide an assessment of your therapy program and recommend outsourcing solutions that are the right fit for you.

Can Physical Therapy Consulting Help Your Hospital? .....

Can physical therapy consulting help your hospital?

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Having inpatient physical therapy services are critical to helping patients recover from surgery, injury, cardiovascular conditions, neurological conditions and anything else, but this department also brings specific requirements for training, staffing and compliance. While providing high-quality physical therapy services can help improve patient satisfaction and reduce costly readmissions, many hospital leadership teams can have trouble achieving this on a cost-effective basis. 

By using a physical therapy consultant, your hospital can leverage the expertise of a professional who not only understands rehabilitation and therapy from a patient care standpoint, but also has an understanding of the unique operational needs of a physical therapy department. Together, you can assess your current performance and identify the gaps in your services and opportunities for increased growth and efficiency. 

If you’re a hospital leader who is wondering if physical therapy consulting can help your facility, here are some of the questions that a consultant can help you answer.  

What are your staffing needs?

Are you understaffed? Overstaffed? Are you overinvesting in operational leadership for physical therapy that can be provided in other ways? Higher educational standards, changing patient demographics and prioritizing physical medicine have all led to a tighter supply in the job market for physical therapists. This leads to a wide range of challenges in meeting staffing needs for a large number of hospitals. 

A physical therapy consultant can take a look at your current physical therapy and rehabilitation staff structure and provide potential solutions, such as outsourcing. 

Do you have proven systems of work?

Hospitals with successful and profitable physical therapy units will have stable workflows in place to ensure that patient needs are assessed, the right care plan is recommended and implemented, and that the services performed are properly documented. This helps achieve a consistent and positive patient experience while ensuring smooth and efficient operations. 

Another core component of physical therapy consulting is an audit of your physical therapy workflow and recommendations for how you can streamline your services while still providing the level of care that every patient deserves. 

What are your regulatory compliance needs?

Like other medical disciplines, physical therapy and rehabilitation is a tightly regulated field that is constantly being updated with new standards and practices. Not complying with these regulations can have potential legal ramifications, not to mention interfere with your reimbursements from payers. 

If compliance is an area that is challenging your physical therapy unit, physical therapy consulting can almost certainly help isolate the weak links in your operational chain while providing tested solutions for educating, training and ensuring staff accountability. 

Do you have plans in place for strategic growth and marketing?

Keeping up with the latest advancements in physical therapy can be a full-time job. This is exactly why you leverage the expertise of a dedicated physical therapy consultant who can help you develop a state-of-the-art physical therapy program. Instead of flying blind and not knowing what new treatments and equipment would truly be effective for your hospital, a physical therapy consulting partner can help you gather the data you need to make these decisions on an informed and rational basis.

Physical therapy marketing is another area where some hospital administrators have questions, even if there is an effective marketing plan in place for other service lines. The right physical therapy consultant should be an expert in messaging to make sure existing and potential patients have a solid understanding of your hospital’s therapeutic and rehabilitative offerings. 

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners offers decades of consulting expertise

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is an industry-leading physical therapy consulting and outsourcing provider helping hospitals become more efficient, offer a full range of services and achieve revenue cycle goals. We do this while eliminating many of the administrative hurdles that go with running a physical therapy and rehabilitation unit. We’re proud of our more than 50 years of experience in helping our partners achieve their program goals. 

After assessing all of your program needs, Alliance can assist you with recommendations for proven systems of work, improving compliance and meeting your staffing requirements with our connections to top talent. We also offer our partners a proprietary rehabilitation performance management solution that easily interfaces with all electronic medical records systems. 

Whether your needs are big or small, our therapy consulting services can help you answer your key operational questions. Contact us today to learn more. 

What to Expect from Physical Therapy Contracted Services .....

What should your facility expect from physical therapy contracted services?

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In the modern health care climate, hospital administrators are always looking for operational efficiencies that result in a more streamlined facility — without sacrificing the most important goal of delivering exceptional patient care. While physical therapy is a core aspect of the patient journey, it can also be a notoriously difficult department for hospitals to fund and maintain. 

This is why so many hospitals, large and small, urban and rural, are beginning to work with physical therapy contracted services through a specialized, large-scale provider. Outsourcing physical therapy and rehabilitation allows hospitals to draw on the expertise and resources of their contract services provider to create a program that is right for their scale and budget. 

If you are a hospital leader, administrator or executive examining the possibility of working with a physical therapy contract services provider, the following information can give you a little more insight into what you should expect from a partner.   

Compliance strength expertise

One of the single biggest challenges facing many physical therapy units in hospitals is keeping up with the constant stream of regulatory changes. Being compliant requires training, following up and having systems of accountability in place. 

A physical therapy contracted services partner will have a knowledge base and deep understanding of regulatory compliance as well as proven systems to ensure your staff stays up to date. This allows your hospital management team to focus on compliance in other areas of your organization. 

A strategic partner for your leadership

If fundamental concerns such as day-to-day staffing, scheduling and documentation are consuming a large part of your resources, it can seem impossible to focus on areas of your physical therapy department such as performance management and strategic growth. 

A key part of contracting physical therapy services should be an assessment of your current program along with solid strategic recommendations on areas for growth and/or streamlining. The right partner will make this a continuing process and will help you identify new opportunities as they arise.  

Know-how for delivering a positive patient experience

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are absolutely crucial steps in the recovery process for patients, but they need to be properly delivered for it to be effective. If staff is not properly trained or if other personnel such as doctors or nurses are being too heavily relied on for aspects of rehabilitative care, it can have a negative effect on patient experience. 

Outsourcing with the right physical therapy partner can give you access to proven work systems and communication methods for smooth interactions with both patients and other medical staff. Everything should be in service of giving patients the care they deserve while they recover at your facility. 

Connections with top talent in the physical therapy field

Finding high-caliber physical therapists is an ongoing challenge, especially for hospitals that don’t have access to larger talent pools. Not having the right people in place can cause all kinds of patient care and operational difficulties, including unnecessary readmissions and lower reimbursements from payers.  

One of the most significant contributions a contract services partner can make to your hospital is the ability to draw from a large network of licensed, experienced and credentialed physical therapists to fit your hospital’s exact needs. 

What to expect from Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is one of the leading contract services providers in the industry. We bring decades of experience to the table and we recognize the importance of driving results across this critical line of service. Our partners enjoy immediate access to proven work systems, recruiting resources and solutions for revenue growth. 

At Alliance, we are also proud to offer proprietary rehabilitation performance management software that is custom-built for physical therapy and interfaces with all major health information systems. We designed this tool to create efficiencies with documentation, reduce claim denials and improve productivity for your therapists. This system also provides detailed reporting metrics for tracking performance in real-time and identifying opportunities for growth. 

If you’re looking for experts you can trust for physical therapy contract services, turn to Alliance Physical Therapy Partners. We can provide a full assessment of your current physical therapy needs to determine how we can help. Contact us to learn more.