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In a Competitive Market, Differentiation is the Key

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In a Competitive Market, Differentiation is the Key

For the highest chances in receiving referrals, your potential sources need to quickly understand why your clinics are different from others in the market. One cannot assume that a referral source understands the unique qualities of your individual programs or your therapist’s specializations.

Physicians and their staff face incredible in-office pressure from sales reps, ancillary service providers, and others – so they need to hear specifics about why they should choose your clinic to care for their patients.

Here are four categories to consider in your value proposition:

  1. Unique qualities. What do you offer that no one else can? Be sure to share specific programs, data showing your outcome, maps, script pads, etc.
  2. Advantages. What do you do better than other providers? Do your best to convert the value of your products into financial results for your referral sources.
  3. Parity. Is there little or no difference between your clinic and your competition? Look for even minor differences that may add up to a competitive advantage. Like providing superior customer service in your clinics (locations, hours, products, front office support, etc.)
  4. Disadvantages. Are there areas in which competitors have an edge? Do some of your advantages offset these disadvantages?

Look for any gaps or weaknesses in your competitor’s products or services, especially when you offer a more complete package, more clinics, or if you have a better community reputation. What are the major strengths and weaknesses of your competition? How do they compare with your own?

To find out all this important competitive information by the following:

  • Go to your competition’s web page
  • Stop in and visit their clinics
  • Read the financial reports for publicly traded companies
  • Network with care managers, employers and insurers
  • Ask referring physicians why they might be referring to your competition
  • Attend local or statewide events where your competitors may be

Never overestimate or underestimate the competition. Even the best clinics and marketing leaders make mistakes that can be discovered.

While it is a mistake to overestimate the competition, it can be just as dangerous to underestimate them – this can cause us to sometimes take our own customers for granted. Our competition is going after the same market share we are, daily.

Physical therapy can often be viewed as a commodity – because physicians have heard the same things about our specialty year after year. If we ask questions, uncover needs, and differentiate our clinics – referral sources will better understand the unique offering we can provide and over time new patient volumes should increase significantly.


Top Challenges for Healthcare Leaders

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Top Challenges for Healthcare Leaders in the Upcoming Months

With healthcare constantly changing, healthcare leaders have many challenges they face on a day to day basis. In the upcoming months, top challenges you can expect to face include regulatory changes, rising healthcare costs and training.

Regulatory Changes

With constantly changing regulations and compliance measures including updates to HIPPA, CMS, and JCAHO standards, a committed compliance team is key.

Rising Healthcare Costs

Aggregate healthcare spending in the United States is expected to grow 5.8% annually, 1.3 percentage points above annual GDP growth, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Training and Education

Professional development and advancement are critical to providing top notch, individualized patient care and utilizing new technological advancements.

You don’t need to face these challenges alone! At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we provide comprehensive solutions for compliance, continuing education, and new program development, while delivering a return on investment that exceeds expenses.

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Building Winning Therapy Programs

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Here to Help You

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners works alongside our contract therapy management clients to build winning therapy programs. Our therapy management services include staffing, practice management and consulting services that enable exceptional patient care and outstanding practice performance. These results have led us to be one of the top 10 contract rehabilitation service providers in the US today.

1. Flexibility

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners provides flexible contract models to custom fit your needs, from comprehensive practice management arrangements to specialized performance management contracts.

2. Proven

With over 50 years of experience comes proven systems of work that blend expertise and technology.

3. Proprietary Software

AgileRPM is our proprietary software system that maximizes performance by making work more accurate, more efficient and ultimately, more profitable. Our software services improve operations and monitor each clinician’s effectiveness while providing instant access to performance reports.

4. Extensive Analysis

We preform an extensive performance/cost analysis to assess business is performance and how Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help you.

5. Partner

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is not just another cookie cutter therapy provider. We believe that working together achieves optimal performance and best results. Each day, we see that confirmed in the true partnerships we have with hospitals, therapy programs and patients.

6. Expertise

Let the experts in clinical operations, compliance and recruiting take that weight off your shoulders. Our expertise in managing referral processes, scheduling systems, documentation, compliance/charge capture training, performance reporting, audit systems and much more can enhance your therapy programs and earn you exponentially higher revenues.

Contact us today to schedule a therapy department assessment or to learn more about how Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can help improve your hospital therapy program.

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Attract Top Talent

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Attracting Top Healthcare Talent

With the increased challenges the healthcare industry has faced in recent years, staff acquisition and retention are more important than ever. The unemployment rate is at a 17-year low, which equates to a more competitive job market. Businesses are struggling to attract and connect with younger generations. Most healthcare facilities don’t have the resources or personnel to efficiently staff their departments. With other pressing demands within your organization, recruiting professionals is just not on the radar. So how do we solve this problem?

Social Media Pages

With social media constantly evolving and the usage increasing, many social media platforms are utilized, including accounts with Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Dedicated Recruiter

As a partner, you will receive a dedicated recruiter for building rapport and streamlining the hiring process.

Student Affiliation Program

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners offers a student affiliation program to connect with top graduating students nationwide.


Nationwide networking events through trade shows, job fairs and conferences are key for not only brand awareness and professional development, but also for recruiting professionals in the field.


Partnering with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, gives you immediate access to a wide variety of resources and a proven system of effectively recruiting professionals and top-level talent. The money invested into recruiting quality, long-term hires can help offset those costs and give you the ability to grow and develop new services for your patients. 

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