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September 2018

Impacting Rural Healthcare

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Impacting Rural Healthcare

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners realizes the importance of providing quality rural healthcare services to rural communities. Our newest partner, Wickenburg Community Hospital is committed to quality health and wellness services where the patient, family and community come first. Wickenburg Community Hospital is a federally designated Critical Access Hospital and a state designated Level IV Trauma Center. Alliance Physical Therapy Partners began managing their therapy services in June of 2018 and we are excited to help expand their therapy offerings to the community. 

Knee Replacements

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Knee Replacements – Knee Deep in Change

Effective January 2018

As of January 2018, full knee replacements are no longer categorized as inpatient only. This change pushes the importance of prehab for patients, as their hospital stay is likely to be shortened dramatically.

CMS reported in a press release, “The OPPS final rule also has policies that would make OPPS payment available when Medicare beneficiaries receive certain procedures in a lower cost setting of care – the outpatient department – where those procedures can be safely performed in that setting. The new availability of OPPS payment applies to six procedures, including a common and costly Medicare surgical procedure, total knee replacements.”

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Managing Your Therapy Department

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Managing Your Therapy Department with a Private Practice Mentality 

What is a Hybrid? The definition can vary depending on if you are talking about plants, animals, cars or business models, but common to all would be the process of combining two different things into something new. How is this idea of a “Hybrid” relevant to running and managing your therapy program? Let me explain.

When we look at outpatient therapy, there are predominantly two different players competing, hospital rehabilitation departments and private practice clinics. Both strive to provide for the rehabilitation needs in their community and although there are similarities in how they do this, there are also distinct differences.

Similarities often include:

  • General delivery and philosophy of care
  • Clinical specialty services like sports rehab, women’s health, concussion or spine specific programs
  • Both provide service to hospital employed referral sources

Differences may include:

  • Non-profit versus For-profit
  • Insurance participation – Most private practice clinics don’t see Medicaid or other poor reimbursing plans
  • Marketing – Often, private practice market themselves as more convenient, lower cost and higher quality than hospitals
  • Productivity expectations and operating hours

You could list others but the point is this – both rehab delivery systems have advantages and disadvantages. So which is better? The answer is BOTH! This unique and shared perspective has allowed us to be very successful with our hospital clients. By blending these two systems, we offer a “hybrid therapy program” which combines strengths from each platform and delivers significant improvements in key areas such as patient satisfaction, productivity, referral management and increased revenue. Let Alliance Physical Therapy Partners help you improve your therapy services through a hybrid therapy program.

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Five Reasons to Outsource

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Five Reasons to Outsource Your Therapy Services

No one can possibly be the best at everything. What we can do, is try to make the best decisions with the information that we’re given. Here are five reasons outsourcing your therapy services to Alliance Physical Therapy Partners will benefit your organization.

1. Labor Costs

When we think of outsourcing labor, it’s usually not associated with a cost savings – but it should be. By outsourcing labor, you create opportunity within your organization to reduce other administrative positions and costs. With additional resources, you increase your potential for staff acquisition and retention. Outsourcing brings with it, added manpower and infrastructure that may no longer be needed within a specific department.

2. Program Development

Long-term strategic partnerships with service providers can introduce new market opportunities. With motivation to continue earning your business, outsourced partners need to be innovative and competitive in their markets. They bring added resources for customizing programs to meet the specific needs of your patient profiles.

3. Patient Satisfaction

The most important metric in knowing you’ve been successful in providing quality service is patient satisfaction. Outsourcing to a company with a narrow-minded focus leads to specialized care and improved quality of patient care.

4. Expertise

Keeping up with all of the changes in healthcare is demanding enough. Outsourcing a department to a company with specific knowledge and a proven track record of success allows hospitals to focus more efficiently on their core business.

5. Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is identifying a specific target audience and seeing a measurable return on your investment. Marketing is a key component in driving your business forward. If neglected, your business becomes more vulnerable to the competition and less likely for growth.

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Being A Patient Advocate

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Being A Patient Advocate

The definition of advocacy is “public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy,” and certainly no one would disagree there should be policies in place that call for supporting patients and doing your best for them. As a company, we prefer the synonyms to advocacy which include support, backing, promotion and championing of our patients and residents. To us, this means going above and beyond in promoting and providing the care that will optimize the quality of life of our patients and residents.

As healthcare providers, we look for opportunities to completely restore function, but when that isn’t possible, it’s our responsibility to identify each patient’s needs and their skill levels to meet those needs. From there, we identify opportunities for improvement and design care plans to maximize the patient’s strengths and abilities and prevent decline.

It’s easy to objectively measure our success by looking at comparative and outcomes data, but our true success is shown through the intangible relationships that our clinicians forge with our residents. Reporting metrics can’t give you all of the smiles, hugs and the celebration of goals achieved and functions regained. True advocacy means having all of the necessary skills to provide the best possible care, and our therapists are educated and trained in many clinical specialties in order to identify and address a multitude of impairments that could potentially be affecting functional decline. It’s also the heart and compassion to treat patients as family and our therapists demonstrate that heart and compassion every day. At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we are advocates.

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Alliance PT Practice Doctor Named NSCA’s Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Specialist of the Year

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Dr. Daniel Lorenz, Director of Physical Therapy for Kansas City’s Specialists in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation (SSOR), Honored for Contributions to His Field and Community


Grand Rapids, MI – September 6, 2018 – Alliance Physical Therapy Partners (“Alliance PT”), an affiliate of Alliance PTP*, proudly congratulates Dr. Daniel Lorenz, Director and co-owner of Specialists in Sports and Orthopedic Rehabilitation (“SSOR”), on being honored by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (“NSCA”) as the organization’s Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Specialist of the Year for 2018.


“As a physical therapy clinician myself, I congratulate Dr. Daniel Lorenz on achieving this prestigious award,” said Richard Leaver, COO of Alliance Physical Therapy Partners. “His commitment to working with patients and helping them achieve optimal athletic performance while also educating other practitioners about innovative methods and treatments for helping athletes recover from injuries makes him a national leader in the field of clinical excellence. He is a credit to his patients and his community, as well as Alliance PT as a whole.”


Dr. Lorenz is the 17th physical therapy practitioner to receive this accolade. Winners are selected by the NSCA’s Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation Special Interest Group based on contributions to their communities, and to the field of sports medicine/rehabilitation for athletes.


Prior to establishing SSOR (, an Overland Park, KS-based outpatient physical therapy practice and Alliance PT partner, Dr. Lorenz was Director of Rehabilitation and an assistant athletic trainer for the Kansas City Chiefs. He also completed the Duke University Sports Physical Therapy Fellowship and an internship with the Chicago White Sox. Dr. Lorenz is currently Chair of the Sports Performance Enhancement Special Interest Group for the Sports Section of the American Physical Therapy Association (“APTA”). In May 2018, he served on the medical staff for the USA Weightlifting Nationals held in Kansas City.


Dr. Lorenz has frequently presented at local, state, and national conferences on sports and orthopedic physical therapy and athletic performance. He received the NSCA’s Editorial Excellence Award for his work with the Strength and Conditioning Journal. Dr. Lorenz’s other awards include the APTA Sports Physical Therapy Section’s inaugural Presidential Award for the Special Interest Group Chair of the Year in 2014, and the inaugural Distinguished Physical Therapy Alumni Award from his alma mater, Grand Valley State University, that same year.


In addition, Dr. Lorenz established the ASPIRE Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping young athletes, coaches, and parents avoid injuries. He is an active member of the Church of the Ascension in Overland Park, where he is part of the Knights of Columbus and has served as a catechist.


About Alliance Physical Therapy Partners LLC

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is an affiliate of Alliance PTP* focused on acquiring private physical therapy practices across the U.S. to provide practice owners the opportunity to expand their footprint while receiving operational guidance and financial support. The Alliance Physical Therapy Partners team includes former private practice owners, direct marketing professionals and operations experts who have experience running and growing successful healthcare organizations. For more information, visit


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